REAL Cold Winter Outfits for Men | Layering and Styling Men’s Fashion | ODS Winter 2019

Смотрите прямо сейчас в режиме онлайн: REAL Cold Winter Outfits for Men | Layering and Styling Men’s Fashion | ODS Winter 2019

Подробное описание видео: This cold winter outfits video is for you guys who thought my first Fall/Winter video wouldn’t keep you warm enough! There are more suggestions for layering up, …

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One Dapper Street

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  1. S D

    #1 outfit — any canada goose + base layer will make you sweat through all these layers in 2 minutes after you enter a subway or a building. Not a city outfit, clearly. Actually have seen a lot of people like this trying to be trendy in -10 C city winter and looking miserable. Not even speaking of 0 C NY winters.

  2. monobg antonina

    Hahaha what a joke. Skinny jeans for a "real" winter outfit. This is a video showing what's wrong with modern fashion. Absolutely retarded

  3. monobg antonina

    Are you stupid? Nobody in their right mind would wear jeans(COTTON) in winter. God people have absolutely forgot what to wear when…. I see people with chinos and jeans fucking freezing and they don't even know why… Cotton holds 17 times it's own weight in water.

  4. Jam Hold

    What size jeans do you wear? Do you take vanity sizing into consideration? What's your chest "? What size sweater do you wear? Thank you; Love your style.

  5. Jam Hold

    It isn't that cold here with the heat tech stuff. You'll go indoors and sweat your ass off!

  6. Andrew Shiah

    I'm only watching this because I'm a fan of Marcel because I live in California ????

  7. Screwdriver 1337

    Though do your boots have fur inside or is it a layer of wool? Thanks for inspiration man! Love your content :)And also what do you think about roolups on jeans and chinos with these winter boots if one is wearing warm socks? Cause with slimfit pants look awkward when put on top of the boot 🙁

  8. Tommy

    Respect to you for actually listening to people, keep it up. You finaly got me to subscribe 😉

  9. Kerath

    Bright color winter parka with the fuzzy bits around the hood… why did I never think of that?!

  10. Lance Lucas

    The first outfit looks like a Kenny from South Park cosplay lol. Jk man love your vids

  11. Hasan Alsharif

    we're no CEO's here man, a best purchase for us is something around 50 not 450 ????! Awesome video though

  12. Stephanie Jackson

    At the 8:30 mark when you threw down your jacket and said "I hope this is warm enough for you guys" I literally laughed out loud out of no where…I really appreciate you even doing a video like this…So hot *in my Paris Hilton voice*!! LMAO!!! This has to be the funniest video of yours that I've watched, thanks!! ????????????????????


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