ASMR Real Mens Haircut — (Personal Attention) Scissor Sounds, Whisper, Cutting

Посмотрите прямо сейчас в режиме онлайн: ASMR Real Mens Haircut — (Personal Attention) Scissor Sounds, Whisper, Cutting

Подробное описание видео: I hope you guys enjoy this video with real hair cutting. The scissors are just regular ones nothing fancy but they do the job ASMR Real Mens Haircut — (Personal Attention) Scissor Sounds,…

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ASMR Creations

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  1. ASMR Creations

    Hello new people I'm so happy you are here to relax to this video. If you see I have made a name change a while ago i just wanted to update everyone on the change so there is no confusion. Also to any of my subscriber's or new subscribers make sure you hit the bell so you will be notified when I upload, my subscriber's are not seeing when I upload here lately & hitting the bell should be a sure way to be notified when there is new videos from me. Much love!

  2. Adelina.Rose

    Your hair, your attire, and your elegance all made me think of the beautiful elves from Lord of the Rings. You're so magical!

  3. Doc Holidaze

    all was good until you started whispering. Real asmr is best asmr. Do you walk around whispering in your everyday? Its cool to lower your voice as you come close to the mic/person, but the whole "whis[er cause I'm gonna give you tingles" thing kills me, just speak softly. Other than that, great job.

  4. Ayanna Callaway

    I GOT SOOOOOO CONFUSED at the begining because I was like 'WHY IS SHE FEELING HIM LIKE THAT?!' But I was like oh lmao, that's her bf. Smmmmhhhh kmfs.

  5. sharu sns

    Glad i found your channel!!! I have never seen anyone doing asmr cutting hair with real person !! Congrats u done it and its great!!!

  6. Jay Bukartek

    I also like the way you cut his hair, most of my barbers don't do that to me. I suggest doing a scalp check, like plucking his grey hairs and pulling out lice the same way you cut his hair. Just use tweezers only, when you do it. Can I please be next, I live in Vegas

  7. Einar Hansen

    I don't know why I spent so much money on different scissors if i could ask the scissor to my grandma


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