7 Fashion Hacks To Look Taller And Leaner | RMRS Style Videos For Men

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Подробное описание видео: Click here to read article: https://www.realmenrealstyle.com/look-taller/ Another great video? Look STYLISH With No Work? — https://youtu.be/J6BikaSbrss If you …

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Real Men Real Style

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  1. Real Men Real Style

    What do you wear to look taller?Another great video? Look STYLISH With No Work? — https://youtu.be/J6BikaSbrss

  2. C. Alin

    I am trying to look shorter, so i guess i need lose fitting clothing, stronger contrast ,horizontal lines, standard crew neck, longer trousers; thanks for tips

  3. Forever 9

    These style of videos are actually a pretty nice touch to your channel Antonio :3 Great work!

  4. Dave Musgrave

    I'll use very hack here, at least the ones I don't already use lol. I gotta find a good tailor.

  5. David Perez

    The best way to look lean is not be fat. Workout once in a while for crying out loud

  6. dragon19765

    Thanks for the great to tips.I like the way you handled this video. I've been a fan for a couple years now. Switching it up is good.

  7. Mr. Sagittarius

    "START WEARING BOOTS" is the best thing I`ve been searched in the internet. Wearing boots will helps you become taller, because the heels of these are perfectly made for men to become look taller. Another one is, it will improve your style and became center of attraction within the crowd. Wearing of boots shows the masculinity of a man`s style. I believe on that!

  8. Emilio Esquivel

    This is more of a question for everyone but I’ve never had my clothes tailored before and I’m not sure what to look for when it come to a good tailor

  9. Steve Munguia

    I'm going to get myself some boots, what kind were the black ones in the video?

  10. qarhsi

    Nice video but I'm not a fan of dark blue/navy and black together (0:45). Please ignore if the jeans showcased in that look is indigo; it seems black here though.

  11. Shane Walsh

    I can only disagree with cuffing, to me it looks great, obviously depending on the shoes and pants you're wearing but that's why we're individuals. Great video.

  12. John Burns

    Great video and all good points. But come on… when talking about "how to look leaner" can you please not use models that already have 29" waists? Let's see the well fitting clothes on someone that needs the advice please.

  13. Jhonattan Fernando Gonzalez

    Ya uso algunos, otros los empezaré a implementar desde ahora. Genial vídeo.

  14. Dan Kelly

    Hmm… I normally love your videos, but I'd rather see (and hear) you talking, rather than having to read. Keep up the great work!

  15. zoroth hermon

    I wear a white t-shirt with dark blue jeans. Simplicity at its best imo…and don't forget Armani Acqua Di Gio Profumo! Works every time!

  16. Shinigami Customs

    I have a question. You've shown here a shirt which was rounded at the bottom, untucked. Aren't these designed to be worn tucked in?


    Sir how can i improve my posture i have posture problem like palvic tilt i need help on that i cant stand straight for longer time my lower back gets tired and aches .

  18. TheFranticgamer

    Although the posture thing will help you get your natural height it’s less painful too. I see t have bad posture and by fixing it, I have way less pain in my neck and shoulders.

  19. Emmanuel Botchey

    Can you do a video on colors and clothes combinations that compliment light, dark and neutral skin tones for all races? Just curious..RMRS love your videos gives me more confidence to dress more mature.

  20. dadedododadada that's all i want to say to you

    All just were things I did already without thinking about them, but I'm both quite tall (1.90 metres) and muscular, so now I'm just realizing my comment is probably pointless. So one point to be made: this was once again a nice video Antonio!

  21. David VanderVliet

    As a 6'6" guy I don't think these apply, however, I do need to be mindful of my posture!

  22. Lanmater

    Do not wear untucked shirts if you want to look taller. You want your legs to look longer not the torso.

  23. santicuna garlo

    Great tip for posture: it is not about putting stress on your back and shoulders. The trick is to imagine your head id tied to a string and is being pulled up from the sky. This will make your back straighten without the pain of putting our shoulders all the way back


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