5 Easy Hairstyles !!

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Исчерпывающее описание видеоролика: Thanks for watching!! Tell me which hairstyle you liked the best! Follow me here: instagram : maddieziegler instagram : maddiestyle twitter : maddieziegler …

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Maddie Ziegler

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  1. Slime Makers_101

    I love how she does hairstyles I wish she did my hair lol and I liked all of them ??

  2. Jen Smith

    French braid but anyways I really like your videos and I'm a big fan of Maddie ziegler and MacKenzie ziegler I enjoyed the video I really want to get to 10 likes on this comment thank you and I really really love you

  3. Jocelyne carranza

    Maddie I Got a Question About The Braid Of The 2nd HairStyle Is It Like a Normal Braid Or You Go Under And Across Or Up And Across?

  4. Van Perharbot

    quien habla español y ve los vídeos de maddie aunque nos les entienda like quiero ver cuantas personas lo ven no quiero ser la única likee ???

  5. Tutorial Videos

    whenever i try to make a messy bun or something messy it lotirly looks like i slept it a rolor coaster -_- and when other people do it they look perfect…..pls someone helps me?

  6. Makayla Lynema

    I don't know how she does this cuz I can't even put my hair in two separate ponytails so yah

  7. Kawaii ZebraUnicorn

    me and my friend tried all of these and on the first one she looked stupid and ran around screaming: "I LOOK LIKE A UNICORN PENIS" Dying ????

  8. Sibelle Schweizer

    I loved the last one .On the next video you should do a fish tail I don't no how two do it with my long hair.?You both

  9. Jahaira B

    easy hair style material s:hair cutterbrushstep 1: brush out hairstep 2: shave baldstep 3: viola! no need to worry anymore!


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