Must-Have Knits for Men | Autumn/Winter Fashion

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Подробное описание видеоролика: The must-have knits for men this autumn/winter. Check out my men’s fashion knitwear selection for fall/autumn into winter and how to style them. What your …

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Robin James

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  1. Robin James

    Which is your favourite item? I've been wearing the navy roll neck a lot! See more on my blog:

  2. Adam Meszaros

    Are you sure you linked the right chelsea boots? They look different from the ones you wear in the video which have a wider sole

  3. GreenKat

    What is that lilac jacket you are wearing in the video?It looks great! I must have!

  4. Lamborghini Lloyd

    We love you Robin, we do, we love you Robin we do. We love you robin we doooo. And your content sticks like glue.Remix coming soon feat Bilal. Great video btw.

  5. Apurba Samanta

    show some fashion for the asian countries , coz here we wear layered clothes we will be melt down like ice .. Your fashion sense is amazing as always ,hope you understand my concern .

  6. baby pablo

    i have been seeing some knitted flannels in retailers like top man and river island

  7. Hulalulatallulahoop2

    I love the mustard jumper (and green socks) but my favourite was the last look…i'm loving your jeans there and the big turn up!!

  8. Pin Anarnkaporn

    great video as always your cloth look amazing although i cant wear something like that in my country cause we don't have winter season always summer lol.And Robin can i ask you something? What's your opinion about styling product from famous brand/cosmetic brand like Aveda,Morrocanoil or Body shop or maybe Kielh?. i mean are they better or worse than styling product that came from youtuber,barber or hair specialist brand like hanzdefuko,morris moltley,blumaan,slikhaar or label m and if you can do brand battle or review that would be awesome.Your opinion or review are one of the most trustable one in youtube and you help me find my favourite product (morris and the tonic from aveda). so Thanks!

  9. Hairspray Hold 5

    All too expensive for me, I'm 17, still in college, I like the video, it's just my budget which is low. I get different coloured long sleeve polos from Amazon for about £7 to £9. I like the roll necks on you, I might buy one for the first time if I see it cheap. Also I get the rest of my clothing, chinos, shoes and polo shirts from Tescos, Asda and Sainsburys. The prices are good, no brands which is good and they are not much different to the expensive clothes shops. What do you think of supermarket retail store clothes ? , that's all I've been going to all my life.


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