10 EASY Different Bun Hairstyles For Short Hair | Milabu

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  1. Pragyashree Sahu

    best hair stylist ever….. best ,clarity videos … BT alas I HV silky shiny hair..no hairstyle stays

  2. Carolina Matos

    I have long hair that goes down to my butt but I still watch this to do on my hair cause it's easier

  3. Iva T

    what are ur layers called for your short hair? haha every time i ask for layers i get a 5 year old straight hair look 🙁

  4. pastel trashcan

    i recently got my hair cut, and before when i had longer hair i used to do a lot of buns, i really needed this video honestly

  5. armanaqueen

    Some channels are really crazy! I can't go anywhere on here without someone slamming someone for what they choose to do with their hair. Gone are the days where I could find a channel without Natural hair Nazi's (the crazy afro chicks in the black hair community) chiming in their two cents. It stresses me out! I just want simple cute styles (without the stress). I just accidentally clicked one day tried one and it worked. And I see that you just want to share a good idea no extra and girlfriend I'm down for that!

  6. Song Bird 15

    thank you SO much! I had long, long hair along time ago then it got cut to your size. So I thought hairstyles are worthless but YOU SAVED ME!!!


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