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  1. Farida Amir

    i only look great with little 4 dutch braids on the side of my hair (darkhair problemw

  2. Farida Amir

    every braid looked like nothing i was like invisible if u have a dark brown like me (really dar brown ) i need some highlights but im just 13 i need to wait ho

  3. Farida Amir

    my hair still falls and there is that funny sun shape of the little pieces in the front ???

  4. Jergin Herboso

    I suck at doing my hair ??? even tho i love doing peoples hair. I have black hair so u can't even tell

  5. Aoi Lupin

    I watched this and I thought I could do it because it looks easy, but I've been trying for a looong time and I just can't.

  6. Lenka Poliakova

    amazing Thank you so much! but I got still problems with braiding on my back head cause I can't see anything there do you have tips? ??

  7. Cassidy Srock

    Thank you thank you thank you for teaching me to braid my own hair! I've always been great at doing other's hair and could never do my own but since you're doing your own hair in your videos I could figure out what I was supposed to be doing with my hands. Now I braid my hair daily! Also I only wash my hair once a week so take that haters.

  8. PrestigiousCass

    I really love your videos because it shows how to braid my short hair ! and it's cool because it's somewhat sometimes hard to braid since it's so short but you get it

  9. animelover102104

    thanks so much for this video!! i recently chopped my hair off to the same length as yours and i need some major braid help. i've always been horrible with braids except for the basic braid, but due to my short hair, even a basic braid won't keep my hair layers in. I tried out the Rope Braid and it was the easiest of all of them to do. Of course I've only just started doing it, so it doesn't look great, but practice makes perfect. Plus, braiding apparently makes your hair grow faster (idk how but it seems to work out for my sister and her daughter). Again thanks so much for finally having a real "Short hair" youtube related video.

  10. Carmen Rankins

    "iTS reALy SiMpLE" (jk! thanks! these are really easy but i have short layered hair so its so hard to braid and these arn't any tutorials for short (layered) hair)

  11. DeathlyEssence

    Who else when she said during #5 "making my way down" and continue by saying "town walking fast faces pass and im home bound"??i need to stop watching my movie white chicks‼️

  12. Nicole Garcia

    Omg you are amazing I am so glad I searched for braids for short hair! these braids are to cool and unique I just subscribed! wow I am really gonna love your channel?????


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