10 Easy Ways To Style Short Hair & Long Bob — Tina Yong

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Исчерпывающее описание видео: Here are 10 easy ways you can style short hair / long bobs. Subscribe to my channel for more videos …

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Tina Yong

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  1. The Female Marauder

    i just cut my hair short, and these styles are perfect for back to school

  2. Jasmin Khanom

    Tina when you did the beachy wave curls it didn't work on my hair I don't no if I'm doing it right

  3. mohammed muaan

    wow tina i loved your hair style i wish you can come maldive please replay me????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  4. S Dalvi

    Please make it slowly though that all can understand it ok na how much fast u are doing the hairstyle..if agree hit the like????????????

  5. Kristen Linton

    Thank you so much for this inspiration! As a mama I could really use some help!

  6. NessaOfDorthonion

    I love these! My 2 year old still has very short hair, I'm totally trying that top knot and a few of the hair twist styles for her ???? Also, I've been letting my hair grow out so I can donate it again but it has been driving me CRAZY this summer. I'll give it another year and then come back to try these styles! ????

  7. Madhumita Bhakat

    I liked all ur hairstyles….in ur next video can u show how to highlight hair at home….they were magnificent short hairstyles….thanks for sharing

  8. Sofia Oris

    good thing i saw this video!! I really want to style my short hair…#NewHaircut <3


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