HOW TO: 10 Ways To Part Your Hair | Milabu

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  1. Irene D

    You look like Julianne Hough, hair and all. It seems to behave so beautifully no matter what you do with it. How?? Your hair is so fluffy, like cotton candy.

  2. Darlene Canterbury

    You r soooo pretty what cut do u have is it a layered bob???? Great video very informative and well done !!!love it thank you!!!????????????????

  3. Ulitichka Fashion

    How quickly and cleverly you do everything with your hair, beautiful! Sorry I do not have thick hair, it's hard for me (.

  4. o mundo das lokas

    Olá não sei se você me entende, mas gosto muito dos seus vídeos. Sou do Brasil, mas amo assistir você ????????????????


    you look absolutely stunning in all of the hairstyles????????????????????????????????

  6. Swarna Pavithra N

    Hey! Can u suggest some remedy for hairfall…especially on the front part of the head…urs is super thick

  7. Koopa368

    man it just doesn't work for me. My hair has usually been in the "mysterious side" part and no matter how I try to change it, it doesn't work. I don't even look good in my hairstyle…

  8. kyckomyxa

    I love your sense of humor!???????????? And Of course your videos. They’re super fun and helpful. Thank you.


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