Wavy to Short Curly Hair — Summer/Spring 2018 Trend Hairstyle

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Исчерпывающее описание видеоролика: Today our hairdresser Csobán, is transforming a Wavy hair into a short curly hairstyle. What do you think about it? ▷️Don´t forget to subscribe and hit the …

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Время постинга: 2018-05-07 18:00:13

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Slikhaar TV — Men’s hair

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  1. Haider Barbar

    Hello am from iraq and I need to know few things and please answer me i want to pay your products how I got it i want a large number of those products ❤️

  2. Rahul Bora VEVO

    hey .shootout to slikhaar team I received your product on time and fully satisfied please do make a different hairstyle

  3. Slikhaar TV - Men's hair

    Hi guys, Get your hands on the limited edition By Vilain Sea Breeze from the video for FREE by entering BREEZE at Check-out on http://www.slikhaarshop.com ☀️(*the code is valid until the 31/05/2018)

  4. MaD AbouT StyLe tV

    Slikhar TV a great admirer of your work from India ,can please share few tips for my channel too which is based on hair styling : https://youtu.be/nOMqnEM53fY as I’m a beginner It would be an honour for me ???? to get even a reply from your side.

  5. bubba serrano

    Do you still take recommendations in the comments? If so, can you do Josh Brolin from Deadpool 2 [U.S.]

  6. París presiuss

    Son mis favoritos ???????????????????????????????? Quisiera saber si hacen en vios a México de los productos que utilizan gracias ✌????

  7. Daredevil Mark

    we really want chains of slikhaar studio in India…nd as always amazing hairstyle…good for summmer specially…


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