Short Hair for men 2018 | Jeremy Fragrance Style

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Подробное описание видеоролика: Special guest! Today Jeremy Fragrance visited us! Csobán has made really nice short hairstyle for this summer. What do you think? Jeremy Fragrance VLOG: …

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Slikhaar TV — Men’s hair

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  1. Cl Tan

    XD I cut my hair before watching your video (Mid fade + an inch of top / slightly shorter than an inch) cheers

  2. Jose Emmanuel

    hello Rasmus, Emil I see them for more than 5 years and I admire them, I admire their work and career they have had and I have always wanted to go to a slikhaar studio but unfortunately I live in Mexico so I wish I could win your product kit for finally try them, without more than saying, I send you greetings from Mexico, success

  3. Emiliano Morado

    Very good haircut and style, please don't let this barber/hairdresser go, his skills are amazing!

  4. Shreyas Koyande

    Thnx …slikhaa tv now ur products sell in india also ..thnx for

  5. Cristian International Trade

    Awesome hair treatment look. We are all Jeremy #fragrancearmy we play with senses of people around us, rocking the world with this invisible magic which is frangrance!!!

  6. eleni Kominos

    Looks GREAT…Now Can You Grow it Back Please..!????Giving you Motherly Advice..My Man????I Am a Hairdresser…You have such GOOD Hair…Don't LooK like Every Other Guy..Stick to Being You…Especially when you Do those Turns…Your Hair is,YOUR Thing!!????

  7. Mikael Snygg

    The styled haircut makes him look younger, but it will take time fixing in the morning like the end result. He will probably end up with a side slick like most have today xD

  8. Vinz Gonzales

    Can you also do Park seo Joon's haircut and hairstyle tutorial from the k-drama called "She was Pretty"? Pls would very much appreciate it…thanks in advance 😀

  9. París presiuss

    ????????????????????????????????????????✌fué un cliente muy especial uuuff pero para ustedes no es Nada más que agregar su experiencia que tienen ????????????????????

  10. Donnie Ortiz

    First time I watch a video about a haircut with so much style! and Jeremy's haircut came out great! ( Now he looks very different but still great )

  11. shruti singh

    Jeremy Fragrance can barely conceal his disappointment with the haircut and one can see from his face and eyes that he didn't like the style

  12. Olly CROFT

    LOL I love all these Slikhaar cuts, they're all different variations and lengths of that 2012 Justin Bieber forward quiff. But it's my favorite hairstyle 🙂

  13. Jan's Choice

    You guys are great!! Can I sign up for a hair cut at your place? ????????????Your products are realy great!! The best!!! ????????????

  14. Fredrik G

    Been a follower and customer for many years. To bad it has to end. Products are good, but your customer service is horrible and non existent. So now i'm in search of a new company. Im sorry it had to be this way…


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