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Подробное описание видеоролика: Short Hair for Fall 2018, the best — By Vilain Products: — Don’t forget to subscribe and hit the notification button #notificationsquad …

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Slikhaar TV — Mens hair

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  1. Jase

    Hello! 😀 my products came from the giveaway! And they are amazing! I just love the scent of every one!! And for now ive tried detoxx me,sidekick,and gold digger, it worked perfectly on my hair and im so happy ive got these products for free! This is so amazing and ive watched your channel for over 2 years and i never tought id have a chance to try your products! Thanks you all so much! 😀 and i will never stop watching your channel! 😀

  2. Brîcheev Egør hairstyle

  3. Hard Thakar

    Hey Emil n Rasmus!!! Actually I've a request… Could you please upload a hairstyle video of some low fade pompadour style of haircut with mid length???

  4. Chia Jian Xuan

    I was wondering why did he apply silver fox on his face……then I realised is a skincare product HAHA

  5. Javed khan

    Great haircut as always.. Great video… But background music is completely out of sync… Need better music for such good videos.

  6. Wongoloide Wong

    Can i use the sidekick on dry hair ? What is the difference between the zero and the standart sidekick ?

  7. Joseph Lukowski

    nice to know I'm ahead of the curve — been wearing my hair like that for the past year +.

  8. Souhardya Saha

    It is the greatest haircut for short hair…but i think it needs volume to look more better

  9. Naman Anand

    A very great haircut specially for slikhaar fans in India due to the bad hot weather thanks #slikhaartv

  10. Андрей Коба

    So guys you should use this fregance to burn down any borders Sofie's friend zone 🙂

  11. Flying DutchMan

    Should I use Silver Fox or should i use Dynamite Clay for thin fine hair?Anybody?


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