The 8 BEST Hairstyles For Men for 2017

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  1. Alex Stan

    If you're looking for high quality long tees make sure to checkout Fikka Clothing. IG and Twitter : @fikka_us

  2. Paul Dawson Cuarto

    rocked a buzzcut for a while now and now im trying to grow it back.such a pain in the ass tho

  3. Takara Sawano

    Yo bro, u missed out on the typical asian stiff straight hair type. Really appreciate if you could share some awesome tips!!! ????

  4. Alex Valero

    we appreciate you adding in hairstyles for african americans, first time I see anyone doing that.

  5. Wayne Pret

    come on bro. show some luv to us brotha. Lol also eh hem some of us more mature slightly not so fit types.

  6. bruce cisneros

    Earings or no I'm debating to take mine off had them all my life but feel like its kinda off putting now

  7. Elena Garcia

    I'm a woman, but I subscribe to Jose's channel because he's too freaking handsome. I can watch him all day. Where can I find someone like him?

  8. Robyn

    Do you use uppercut deluxe products ( for any of your hairstyles?

  9. the game

    I just realized… this guy looks just like Prabhu Deva. Google him and you'll see what I mean.

  10. JaLPrime

    My dear boy…Spanish means European. I believe you meant Latino (Mexican; Central or South Americans, Caribbean Islanders). Which that in turn also include Afri-ethnic in the Latino category.Good segment though.

  11. Spac3L33 The Ic3 Dragon

    I subscribed because you mentioned the urban haircuts! good looking out my niggggg lol

  12. Abhishek Choudhary

    make a video on how to maintain your hairstyle ….I have used many products like gel but it didn't work

  13. FlameFlash

    Jose the type of zunigga to die skydiving because he tailored his parachute for a dapper look


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