10 Ways Men Are Dressing Wrong

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  1. Eito Ai Emi Power

    This can only help kids men only have to be clean healthy and look for money period I know a lot of millionaire but same of them don't have even ⌚️ I can give you an example Steve jobs RIP a cool free guy bill gates , max, a lot our age and the small money ???? we got now all u need find a job if you're at school cool ???? clean your ass save, breath fresh, smell good smell ???? u can wear blue and red shoes the same time God bless Germany ????????

  2. wayne blackburn

    I like to dress nice some times just not every day. Jell in hair mana cure beard and socks with no shoes looks gay.

  3. HendersonRoofingInc

    Fuck you . Men's dress style is best whenever a man CHOOSES to dress the way he pleases. #masculinism.

  4. Man Of dogs

    I wish someone could make a list of how I’m bouncing on my boys dick wrong but then Obama would shoot him with his cloud people Lazer FEMA CAMPS ARE REALBut even though my wife can’t can’t come back from the dead Hilary’s intern can

  5. Matu007

    Dear Teachingmensfashion, not all of us are gay. So go fuck yourself, sincerely, all hetero men around the world.

  6. Toby Brooks

    Any girl who cares about your watch would know that should only buy a Swiss watch, not cheap Californian rubbish

  7. Arend Wolbers

    Really? We all need to dress like gay pussy's? The world is getting more womanized by the day, real man as there are marines are called low IQ man while gay people, want man to behave like woman, soon man must where high heels and girdles with net stockings.Cloths are for two things only, keeping you warm and because walking nude is unlawful.You know I pray for the day humanity ends.

  8. rektaalipalo

    this guy's pretty shallow and obnoxious with all that fashion clothing and FOLLOW ME popups. I wear a watch so I can check the time easily, not because it's stylish.Fashion was a mistake.

  9. james_gats

    Magnetic collar stays, uhm. Don't let them anywhere near your smartphone. Better avoid things magnetic these days.

  10. Mohammad Hanif

    ????????रोजगार सूचना????????????????अगर आप मेहनती है और daily 300-1000 ₹ कमाना चाहते है????????मुझे 500-600 मेहनती लड़के और लड़कियों की आवश्यकता हैं जो घर बैठे काम कर सके????????अगर आप इछुक है तो मुझे मेरे whatsapp पर JOB लिखकर message करेWhat's app no.7354974603Try now

  11. Agatha Ling

    DAMN! You look so fresh in your insta pics! These are great tips… forwards to husband

  12. jrgboy

    I am retired , I don't own a suit, I dress to be comfortable, don't really care what I look like.

  13. Fabian Dejesus Dejesus

    Watches suck!!! It's redundant and obsolete … ? My cell is my timepiece…this is such a commercial.

  14. Shanta Hsieh

    You can use woodprix, it has the best handbooks and ready instructions. You can learn much from them and make it yourself.


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