Haircut Trends | Popular in 2017

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Исчерпывающее описание видео: Haircut trends always keep changing, and it’s difficult keeping a track of what’s in & what’s out. Not only that, so many retro styles become a trend too. Can’t forget …

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  1. Varisha Naqvi

    Isn't the first woman Pulkit Samrat's ex-wife?p.s- Pulkit is one of my favourite actors.

  2. Ankita Tripathi

    I have square face but want to keep my hair long.which haircut should I opt for?

  3. Regina Delos Reyes

    Hi Amanda, it's summer here in the Philippines and I wanted to have a short hair to lessen the heat aside from I wanted a new and business like hair. Hope you could help me. thank you.

  4. Sudeshna Roy

    That was such a horrible decision !!!! some of these "SO CALLED" trends look so stupid!! The before hair was so much better, all they needed was a simple hair wash and a blowdry styling

  5. Simran Fatima

    Honestly, None of them look better after the haircut… neither they were happy. Fake smiles?

  6. Maria Marry

    Ewwwww!!I didn't like the First pixie cut, and third hairstyle is pretty good second was Best..Between psychology have proved that Long hair are more Catchy and Beautiful!!


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