Short Hairstyle — Side Part Haircut With Machine And Scissor

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Подробное описание видеоролика: Hi my friends and followers todays inspiration is brought to you with a classic twist on the trending fade cut. We taken some inspiration from Stephen James and …

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Время постинга: 2019-02-01 16:30:00

Полная продолжительность видеоролика: 4:27

Slikhaar TV — Mens hair

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  1. Karl B

    Looking good, but remove those thin stribes of hair in the face (it cannot be called beard). It would improve the total picture of the new style.

  2. aamir joad

    Sir can you please do a video on coloring. Like some bold pink Candyfloss like color on guys with a unique hair style. Spikes or something else

  3. Eyüp Elek

    I start to follow you guys where you had 55.000 subscribers, now 1,9 kk, keep going on ????????


    that transformation make him FROM "I'm okay if she reject me…. " TO "room 45 and no late bitch"…. out of box transformation… well done Byvillain

  5. Yuanmei

    New here… liked, subscribed, and commenting now! Probably going to also place an order from your shop soon!

  6. Waleed Aljehani

    Love your work! Elvis Presley has many great haircuts back when he was young in 50's would be great if u post something! peace.

  7. dylanmcdanger

    I love these tutorial videos SO much. I do all my friends haircuts and it's always so nice to have such extensive reference guides to help me keep improving!

  8. Андрей Якушев

    Like you since your first Ronald haircuts ????I maybe did all your short haircut and so I’m trying to grow long hair for new image SoCan you make a video like how to care and have fresh long hair and maybe example: Jason Momoa’s haircutLikes on top ????Best regards, Slikhaar fan ????

  9. Mahdi Ali

    bring churga back to channel please make a cristiano ronaldo haircut on him we miss him


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