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Подробное описание видеоролика: r entitledparents where EM learns that I, a fellow woman, wear a bra, and takes a break from putting down her son to complain to my manager. «I demand you cut …

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  1. Mr. Randall

    It pisses me off to no end when people assume it's creepy when you offer help. Protect your children but keep your comments to yourself.

  2. BarelyA Survivor

    Isn't it amazing that EM & or Jerks Transcend Nationalities and exist everywhere.( Sigh )

  3. Jason Toddman

    Even in Mumbai India, cramming six people in a single cubic meter let alone sixteen of them would be packing them tighter than sardines. Anything more than that is physically impossible (assuming seats are also in that space) unless they're really small children or standing on one another or something. Must be some misunderstanding or exaggeration going on there. if not, than I sure am glad i don't ride the trains in fricking Mumbai India.

  4. NEMO fishZ

    If I was that 1st lady I would have quite instead of apologising

  5. Mythogenesis

    I would’ve taken my bra off under my shirt on the first one. “Thank you for pointing out the issue. I’ve corrected it. How else may I help you?”

  6. Astral Worm

    Wow the manager in the first story is a piece of work! What a crappy attitude to her staff, had I been the sales assistant there I would be looking for a new job! and the Horrible Woman gets rewarded for being rude and embarrassing both her son and the sales assistant! Yikes!

  7. lasrber

    Anyone else feel like the mom in the first one pocketed stuff, then raised a fuss so she wouldn't be questioned?

  8. Raven Fox

    My Son has hair way past his shoulders. A woman I didn't know told me I NEEDED to cut my son's hair because he could 'Go Gay'. She was very snotty and condescending, so I told her to please FUCK OFF AND MIND HER OWN FUCKING BUSINESS. I walked away while she stood there with her mouth hanging open.

  9. Sharon Borden

    Should of asked for politicians name so they know NOT to vote for him

  10. Diane Essex

    People who chop of their kids' hair of because they get head lice p*** me off. IMO, they're just lazy. Out was summer break, so who cared if it took a little longer?

  11. Diane Essex

    …not to mention, someone else offered the crone their seat and she refused. She was just being a _*___.

  12. LJ H

    Here, I am asking you to do something ridiculous, to appease what I think my daughter might feel, and completely insult you in the process. What is wrong with that?????

  13. Mandy B

    FYI if you/your kid has long hair, it doesn't need cutting off if they get lice. Treat them with the standard stuff and after washing the hair at the appropriate time, cover it in conditioner and use a good nit comb to get as many of the eggs out as possible. (Edit: the conditioner just makes easier to get the comb through wet hair, and makes the adult lice "slippery"!) Repeat as per required. Sadly I know, because my daughters have long hair and one of the parents in our small primary school never did the "repeat" part of the treatment and they kept coming back! Tea tree oil spray sometimes prevents the lice settling because it makes you taste bad or something (of course, it wears off during the day). If your kid has long hair, braid it or put it in a ponytail during an outbreak. "Tightly packed" hair makes it harder for them to get to the scalp, too.HTH!

  14. Matt

    Wow your a moron the manager in the acne story did the right thing. If he hadn't placated the crazy woman both the manager and the female employee would have probably been fired. Corporate doesnt give a shit if the customer is crazy or not one call to a 1800 is all it takes alot of times. Only manager for small businesses can get away with being blunt and honest.

  15. kazooietrisha

    I found tea tree oil and tea tree shampoo help to combat lice, apparently the don’t like tea tree oils

  16. Gaby

    Ha that old bag was just jealous of that lady. If that was me I would have said “ I am wanting it” you seem to be a whore expert, am I doing it right?” If someone is gonna complain might as well go all out

  17. Jl Wolf

    I would have risked my job just to pop my bra strap and say, you mean this piece of my under shirt? What, is my neck too sexy for you to handle you old bat? But then again I did lose my old job by throwing an empty box at my supervisor because she kept sabotaging my products to get me fired. It was tiny and lightweight, didn't even reach her, just fluttered in her general direction. My point was if you want me gone I'll give you a legit reason to fire me.

  18. ShanteYouStay

    I hate when something doesn't happen to the parents in these stories. I want them to be punished at the end for being idiots.

  19. Demose Aries

    That mother with the kid with mild acne, I would have booted her out.. insinuating anything sexual about a worker under me is totally unacceptable.. literaly.. look over there, see that door, you can either exit out, or have a cop drag you out… that is literally the last person that talked down to my 17 year old, way overly nice cashier.. respect is a two way street here.

  20. Lee Sullivan

    i don't know how many bra straps i seen in my life but it was a hell of a lot it's life if they need it they wear it who care if a strap shows or not even if a shirt is see-through the bra covers everything i am not the person to judge another person each to their own i guess i even seen wind blow up skirts when there gone commando i don;t go and complain it will teach them a lesson

  21. First Name Last Name

    There was a guy I was friends with in 7th grade and one time I sat next to him and he was a girl I ask the girl if I could sit there and then just started eating and I was feeling really embarrassed because now I knew that there could be a situation where someone was trying to ask out this girl and ended up asking my friend out because they look so similar from the back side

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