2-Minute BUBBLE BUN Hairstyle | Easy Hairstyles for Medium Long Hair

Смотрите прямо сейчас онлайн: 2-Minute BUBBLE BUN Hairstyle | Easy Hairstyles for Medium Long Hair

Подробное описание видеоролика: Latest Easy Bubble Bun tutorial — https://youtu.be/B0XqFpY7V1c Here’s a quick hair tutorial! Learn how to do a perfect, bubble bun hairstyle for layered hair.

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  1. Amberlynn Holcomb

    looks easy for short hair! I have a long hair and wont cooperate when I do this. what can of hair spray did you use?

  2. Luz Mendoza

    In my church we don't cut our hair and this is a well known hairstyle. you can do it?

  3. Lorrane Orenstein

    That second elastic band is the secret trick! Used this technique tonight — worked perfectly!

  4. Angelic flames

    Me: oh shit that looks really easyTrial 1: damn I fucked up so badTrial 2: looks at my mess … pulls back hair down and tie it againTrial 3: hands so tired can't even tie a ponytail straightTrial 4: (Mum comes in) "Shit your hair looks terrible what's happening?"I'm officially giving up.

  5. nera_28

    tried this once and my hair tie snapped in the middle of the city so i had to walk home holding my hair down

  6. Dace Šmēdiņa

    I did it and it didnt work. I thought: "Oh maybe its just hard to do on yourself" So i did it to my sister. Still nothing

  7. Lynn Estavillia

    I tried this and unfortunately it didnt work out for my super thick hair, I always have it down and I don't do anything with it because it is just so annoyingly thick! I wish I could do hairstyles like my friends but I just can't ://

  8. Emily Rose

    This is so not meant for long hair. I'd have like 3 ft of hair left after wrapping it through once. Can't Bobby pin that to my head.

  9. dajana ponari

    omgg thanks i have really long hair and it wasnt hard at all thank you so muchit turnd to good with my very long hair

  10. Touka kirishima

    I have a pixie cut 🙂 , I don't have anything to do with my hair just lett'in it go wild ヽ( ̄(エ) ̄)ノ


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