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MakeupWearables Hairstyles

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  1. Paloma Santamaria-Winter

    Hello again!! also what product you use on your teeth, they are sooooo white !!! I loe that !!

  2. Paloma Santamaria-Winter

    Hello I love you videos ! what hair color extension you use and from what company ? thanks !

  3. Alyssa Andrade

    Do you have to have your head upside down while doing the shower part or can we have it right side up??

  4. kavkazkayadevushka

    so while these are cool styles none of these will work for truly frizzy hair! if I'm having to straighten and smooth my hair for these styles them what is the point of calling frizzy hair hacks?? i can style my hair better than these ideas when it's been smoothed out…wasted time. why would you mislead people into something you aren't offering?

  5. TooMany MagicMushrooms

    Wow These hairstyles amazing! But please Show them next Time a Little bit slower❤️

  6. methmi uththara

    I love your hair styles and they are beautiful.But they aren't fast ??. I'm lazy girl ?

  7. H H

    link to shampoo reveal is not work and I'm dying to know what it is! if anyone knows please reply..

  8. Ziya Scholz

    I always love your tutorials, Tina! I've been watching your videos for years, but I think that this is my first time commenting. 🙂 ❤

  9. Kathy Hue

    @MakeupWearablehair can you please tell me the link to the video that has the shampoo and conditioner that you used to help your hair so much. I see it says March in this video, and you said it's a couple of weeks after this one but I cannot find it. Please help a little frizz head! ?

  10. Kate Hong

    I love your video!Thank you so much for the great tips, and I was wondering which camera and what editing programs you use because you look amazing on the screen!Thank you again and please let me know!

  11. Wendyy

    So, I'm new here. I'm also Asian and I have a feeling that I'm part African American because I also have frizzy hair. I have to straighten my hair to "tame" it. haha…

  12. Davy & Loggy

    tona r u related to the pretty little lars beautiful emily u look like an older but young sister of hers 'o'

  13. Danikah Smith

    I don't like lipstick it never looks right on me!? I have to use lip gloss or simple Chapstick.

  14. Gadis Leo

    Hey Tina! Greetings from Singapore! I love watching ur vids..& also u're very pretty! Please show me how to style fine hair with fringe…thanks!

  15. pooja anu

    can u suggest me a gud shampoo pls u r looking really beautiful gorgeous and ur hair is really beautiful

  16. ke wilson

    Do you have a tutorial on how to do the loose curls that are in your hair in this video?

  17. Fun&FlirtyWellPast30

    These are all soo pretty! And look easy. Cant wait to try them! Thanks Tina for always bringing us wonderful videos!! I have missed them so much! I had rough past month.. and was unable to catch up on here. Sorry i was MIA. :/ I had bad MS flare up….and some days couldn't even see much.. 🙁 was depressed as hell.. and literally… Was telling my son how sad i was that i was missing my makeupwearables videos. 🙂 🙂 I'm telling ya, I mean it, when i say i look forward to you the most on here!!! love ya.

  18. Kathryn Barrett

    I started rinsing my hair with purified water after shampooing and conditioning, and it's never felt so amazing!

  19. Sumaiya Ansari

    i dont know why ..i like your voice.and also all of your hair style is just too good.

  20. Sofie Ercolino

    for the first bun then will it make my really thick hair look even thicker. Coz, my hair is really thick


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