Spring/Summer Hairstyle | Cut & Color | Men Hair 2019

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Полное описание видео: Watch Nicoline give Matthew a super relaxing scalp massage and a fresh haircut for this Spring Summer Season. Matthew has short/medium hair and you can …

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Slikhaar TV — Mens hair

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  1. Technology Tutorial

    Great haircut!! It’s very good for spring and summer. You guys have a great channel love seeing every video!

  2. aash patel

    I was really in a search for a short hair hairstyle and I found this vid????????

  3. Syed Nehal Abbas

    Awesome…..I would like to have a haircut at your salon


    Sick! Love the highlights, need to get em myself — this video is amazing

  5. John

    I need a fresh new cut for Spring and this may be the one! Good job.

  6. Sayan Acharjee

    Nice nd simple haircut .. liked it ..Love your work slikheer

  7. Sportster1771

    Never thought of getting highlights ???? but after watching how good that looked, think I’m gunna give it a go ????????

  8. Ayush Munjal

    Looks pretty summer fresh and I like that it's so short starting with the 2mm guard, I usually do this because I have grey hair so I keep it short, will appreciate if more short hairstyles are on the way! Cheers

  9. Mark Petersen

    Classic will always work. Also really relaxing head massage I bet he enjoyed it.

  10. Oktavianto Ashary

    How Damn of that technique. i love it, and the sound effect ASMR when heard this Video is so f*cking amazing, and then the product sounds good to try it. Keep the Faith In barbering 😀 Have A nice Greet From Indonesian Barber

  11. ItalianTeamBreezy

    I've been following you for 4 years and for me you're the best in the world. From Italy ????????PS: on Instagram you put a picture like it.

  12. benj halajda

    Stylish as usual. Can you redo video on the haircuts of footballers?

  13. mayur khollam

    Quality of videos is improving, that scissors voice feels amazing and camera angle are also very good????????..video is great and I want to learn this type of cinematography ????????

  14. adnan iqbal

    This simple hair cutting brought precious meaning about person

  15. adnan iqbal

    Sir i watching ur every video i trying in home on myself to become best barber .but sir facing some difficulty on top head side cutting.if u make top head side cutting so it would be your great honer

  16. Pradeep kumar Maharana

    I have such a bad luck that I will never win a free product regardless of any comment????????

  17. Josef shah

    Stop doing that Illuminati/white power sign we don’t stupid every one now that now, btw same uncut hairstyle every time

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