Skin Fade Textured Quiff Haircut & Hairstyle Tutorial | Mens Summer Hair | BluMaan 2018

Смотрите прямо сейчас онлайн: Skin Fade Textured Quiff Haircut & Hairstyle Tutorial | Mens Summer Hair | BluMaan 2018

Полное описание видео: BluMaan Hair Products | — Time for something new. Time for a Textured Skin Fade! — 5 AWESOME Spring Style Trends For Guys …

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  1. Shane Scolaro

    That fade is not good go see 360 jeezy next time he’ll have you looking right

  2. Ralph Jacob

    I'm definitely going to bite when Monarch arrives. I mean, just look at the art on the lid.

  3. eight Tmt

    ????????看美女露点私㊙️视频➕微信bckjyl????????????和风格反反复复yu j

  4. Sixth Sin

    not fit for me for a round face, with a thin very flat hair that even wax applies stills flat lol..

  5. Paul Contreras

    Bro you need to stop going to the salon and get your ass to a barbershop they messed up your fade broski. That’s a 0 to a 3 I don’t see the fade at all

  6. Noam Chomsky

    Lucky bastard has great hair. I could never get that style with my shitty lifeless hair. The genetic lottery is a mother fucker.

  7. PhantasyJL

    How do you describe the top part to barbers? I asked them to do a textured quiff but since the way I fix my hair looks like a side part, they go ahead and do a fucking side part and disconnect the left side of my head.

  8. faris Othman

    How long is your hair at the top. I really want to know because everytime i get a new haircut, my hair is too short to be style. Please reply me mr joe

  9. Valerio Coronella

    I love your fade man. Your hair are really nice. Greetings from Rome, Italy! I always follow you!


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