Pop Pop Hair Surprise Toy Unboxing! SPRAY with Water for a POP Surprise + Pet Hair Accessories

Смотрите прямо сейчас в режиме онлайн: Pop Pop Hair Surprise Toy Unboxing! SPRAY with Water for a POP Surprise + Pet Hair Accessories

Подробное описание видео: Today we are unboxing the Pop Pop Hair Surprise pets sent to us from MGA. There are eight hair brushes to collect and so many Pop Pets for your hair to collect …

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Toy Caboodle

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  1. Amber Castle

    So I want to do a family vlog channel I think it would be super fun to review toys like you do please share with me how to start Thanks

  2. Every Day is CHUsDay

    I soooo love watching all your unboxing videos. Mommy and I always catch your newest videos haha

  3. jayalakshmi krishnappa

    super!!!! cute ????????????????????????????????????????????❤️????????????????????????????????????

  4. Nadene Taylor-Beck

    Doggie Bowie is supposed to be David Bowie, even has the different coloured eyes x

  5. Holly Vu

    Mrs. caboodle please do a good job on your toy story four video I'm going to be watching that video

  6. Holly Vu

    Seven Youtubers dirt toy story four toys are gone from Gabby Gabby but only Gabby Gabby was really jealous because all the toy stories with mean sell in each store

  7. Holly Vu

    Mrs. caboodle toy story four is coming up and gabby Gabby is still in everybody's toys but one of the YouTube or send the toys to you please show me that video ????????????????????????????

  8. Unicorns and cats Channel

    Toy caboodle doesn't care about us guys 🙁 because she is not answering or replying anyone and not even a heart ♥ or like ???? but I do love her videos and if your looking at this toy caboodle then you should answer :c

  9. Blondie Fabricante

    The twins was a pun for mary kate and ashley olsen lol

  10. Finka Riz

    I'm almost 24 though, but what can I do. I love this one, it's so cute! Please do more.

  11. Patty Playhouse

    Wooow, these looks so cute, I love they way they poped out ????????????????

  12. Juri Saikia

    In the guide where is the pets name in the left corner there is a mark that shows what kind of hair the pet has

  13. Инна Кыштымова

    Кто русский ставите лайк я Маша

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