5 Easy & Quick Ways to Look MORE Attractive

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Исчерпывающее описание видео: Here’s 5 easy/quick ways to up your attraction! — Checkout EyeBuyDirect to find your next stylish pair of glasses: Take 20% off your order with code: JOE20 at …

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  1. King Shady

    Joe has no idea how much better he would look if he went clean shaven. Do it Joeeeeeee

  2. d bandito

    What are your thoughts on nautica voyage? and when is the appropiate time to wear it.(currently using it all year)

  3. Kobomoto

    I would LOVE to have hair like yours…i just cant find the right product or hairstyle that would fit me and style my hair as i want to and it's really hard for me to find one and i don't have right financial situation to try the Blumaan products and see if it would help me with my problem but i hope i will once buy your product and look awesome just like you do <3

  4. George Polites

    Bro where did you get that long-sleeve from its such a fresh kit!?

  5. Justy Theking

    Glasses make me look gay thats y i dont wear them even tho i need them

  6. MiniRunnera

    I hate fake tan, i rather get a real one and yes I know that it's not as safe but ????‍♂️

  7. uchiha ailke

    was waiting for the Vincero add when he showed the watch, lol

  8. Jarrett McIntyre

    Bro Joe, i saw the tan line on your forehead before you mentioned it.

  9. AmericanRusty

    I wore glasses for like 8 years and once I started wearing contacts I felt so much better. Now if I go back I feel like trapped or something idk but I definitely prefer contacts to glasses

  10. jnice v

    What kind of shirt is that?Maybe make links of everything that’s in your videos

  11. Arun Atwal

    Make a video on which glasses look cool in diffrent face shape

  12. Łæß

    He be lookin like my gta 5 online character in the thumbnail????????

  13. AWRShorts

    4. A Benefit of being Hispanic, I get easily tanned in the summer ????

  14. Kurt V

    This was already post by multiple youtubers. You need some fresh content.

  15. Kontenkletser

    Yup, Joe turned full sell-out mode.. and seriously dude.. fake tan? No offense but you'll be attracting the wrong kind of people with it. Fake people. I'm really disappointed in the way this channel turned out. You used to be an amazing content creator.

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