My Signature Go To Makeup Routine| Everyday Makeup Tutorial | Pixie Wig ft. RPG Hair

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Полное описание видео: This wig is from ———-RPGHair Christmas Sale———- $20 Off Over $199, discount code: Xmas20 $30 Off Over $299, discount code: …

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Дата публикации: 2020-12-11 22:50:31

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Ariel Black

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  1. Brendalee Gonzalez

    Super cute short hair look and simple glam beautiful!!!

  2. Badgirls 48

    I luv this wig. Why I cant find me a wig like this. These wigs here I wouldn't dare wear. I love my pixie cuts wigs. But these females here hate so hard for nothing. I ask a female about a wig I always wanted, she acted like she didn't want me to know where she got it from or who made it for her. Im done

  3. lowkey_fla

    Looks nice, but you look better without makeup ????just my opinion ????

  4. Nessie Brown

    What is your Instagram name? I recreate so many of your looks, I'd love to tag you in them.

  5. sweetbaby00000000

    That wig looks so good on you. You definitely slayed it. Fabulous

  6. Jacqueline Amponduro

    The short wig is adorable on you I love it. No grandma ain't got nothing on you ???? so stop it. Just adorable ????

  7. Lwazi Ndimande

    Girl it's the hair and make up for me actually it's just everything for me. You look stunning

  8. Kwanna Collins

    It doesn't matter which wig you put on, you rock all of them beautifully. Great job as always.Side note, can you attach the link for the hair dryer or info? I will definitely be putting this on my Christmas list ????. Thank uuuu

  9. jacky jay tron

    I appreciate the time put in to load dem videos … so inspirational love yur work❤

  10. brandy anderson

    I've been gone bc my internet had to get redone but baby I see you and the consistency. I'm just going to binge watch. The look is cute ???? I like the short look

  11. Njesh Kymani

    Come through Empress Ariel!!!????????????????????????????????????

  12. Sophie TheeCat

    Did you use the same concealer for your eye as under your eye?

  13. Charla Carter

    Plz do more short wigs…this one was soooo cute on u❣️

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