Easy Eyes n’ Face Makeup Tutorial | ft. Vanity Planet Makeup Brushes

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Исчерпывающее описание видео: Hello creatures Sorry the sun wanted to play hide and seek with my positive attitude today. What can ya do you am I right. ALRIGHT YOU VEGANS YOU’RE …

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Sara K

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  1. Lily Smith

    I love how she does this super beautiful like goddess glam and then she redoes her hair and has the arms of Thor. I love it shes so gorgeous????????❤❤

  2. عبد الغفور

    لعنت الله ، قبل شكلك ذي إنسان و بعد ذي خنزير

  3. Senka Lemez

    Omg! You are so gorgeous without makeup! And i am not saying this to be nice but honestly when I clicked the video, I thought you look so fing gorgeous! Like wow!!!????❤️????????

  4. Abigail Jones

    Can you tell me how you combat dry/flakes with acne?? I have breakouts frequently and im constantly moisturizing and exfoliating, but cant seem to combat flakes or blemishes seeping through makeup. I looked up videos to help and yours popped up. This is an amazing video and you do such a great job, any tips ??

  5. Jona Priell

    That inspires me..i got allergies in my face and i cant hide it with my foundation..maybe because i dont have that kind of expensive make up and foundation..anyways..i really like ur face you are so so pretty for me

  6. Rahi Khan

    You are beautiful even without makeup But one thing I want to say .Makeup damage the skin.And maybe the rash on your face is because of makeup.

  7. Dr. Anvika Mittal

    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC56cwsiAX-GR5IEIFr1RBFA check this channel for skin & hair videos by dermatologist

  8. Noorsahira AJ

    effort to buy a makeup but dont effort to buy skincare. btw, u still look pretty even without makeup. hi from malaysia ????

  9. Geneen Serrano

    Hi please help me grow my channel! Subscribe and like my video and I will do the same just comment done.

  10. Rainy Day

    This is me trying to be genuinely helpful: Witch Hazel is the WORST thing for skin. I had chronic acne in middle school, and used to apply witch hazel, just like this girl. I later saw a dermatologist who said he sees many people with bad acne, and the acne is worsened by the use of witch hazel. It is NOT for problematic skin like mine & this girl’s. PLEASE STOP USING WITCH HAZEL. DERMATOLOGISTS EVEN SAY IT DOES TERRIBLE THINGS TO ACNE-PRONE SKIN!

  11. Leelu Moonchild

    Maybe if you weren’t so vain and wore a shit ton of thotty ass makeup you would have such a pizza face. Just a thought.

  12. Fabrice Le Lan

    Trop maquillé !, maquillage pas naturel du tout !, essayez le maquillage plus naturel et moins sophistiqué, please !????…

  13. Ronja Richter

    I don't like this makeup look at all, but still think that you're beautiful also without makeup????

  14. Shibobroto Mukherji

    You truly deserve applause, because you know makeup is an art not something to fake yourself with

  15. Lauren Elizabeth

    Sorry but the eyes don’t look good. The crease isn’t blended at all and the liner is too straight out in my opinion

  16. •xtearssweptx •

    I know that some people may laugh and say "Look at how many red dots are on her face!". But you are brave, Beautiful, and wise. I know you appreciate your looks and skin. I may be new to this channel, I may he a small YouTuber, a drawer, a weeaboo, but I know you are wise. I am subscribing..and sorry if this didn't make any sense. I'm ten:)

  17. γάş̲̅ş̲̅èя D̳̿Z̳̿

    eyebrows and natural eyes before makup was really beautiful . natural color of your skin was perfect too … you must be really stupid to use makup

  18. Sierra Marquez

    I love you!! I came back to this video cause I loved it sooo much & saw it was at over 50 mil views! Holy shit!! Love you baby!!

  19. Andrea bhie

    You are pretty even you haven't makeup ???????????? I like your tutorials and you sister????????????

  20. Pascal Grob

    wegen dem makeup bekommt ihr mädchen ja diese schlechte haut evt akne inklusive. Das heisst jemehr ihr. euch schminkt desto scclimmer ich wird es


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