Men’s Fall Essentials | Men’s Fashion 2018 | Alex Costa

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Полное описание видеоролика: Essentials Every Guy Must Have for Fall 2018 ○ MY FREE NEWSLETTER — ○ FOLLOW MY INSTAGRAM — …

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Alex Costa

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  1. Alex Costa

    Fall is here so it's time for the essentials of the best season of the year!Don't forget to follow me on Instagram a great day! — Alex

  2. ZefTillDeath

    You look like Negen from the Walking Dead with the leather jacket. Just need the barbed wire baseball bat.

  3. Rakesh Rajkumar meitei

    Alex u r perfect at dressing, Jose style is good in casuals and little lack in manly look, Antonio is smart hansome his dressing sense look simple and mature look but not good at street wear like skinny jeans bomber jacket etc yaa it's becoz he is simple and classy look, small guy Aron he dress up down well but due to lack of height no upto the mark but he have well knowledge how to what to wear dress in right proper way. Besides all this Alex u r the most well dress man in my opinion whether dress up dress down u all good in all way, U r bad as man.

  4. Johanne Buot

    What makes my outfit is the outerwear. It’s fall in Southern California and we be getting 80+ degrees weather. I can’t wear my leather jackets or Sherpa jackets. It sucks.

  5. Somaksh Sharma

    But Alex what if the beard doesn't come up good, I mean I don't have a perfect beard so what should I do?


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