MEN’S SPRING TRENDS YOU CAN ACTUALLY WEAR | Men’s Fashion for Spring 2018 | Alex Costa

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Alex Costa

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  1. Sacred Rage Scorpio

    Hey, Alex. I watched all your videos about the jawline but I would like to ask you about your unbiased opinion about the jawzrsize. Is it save, cuz I read it could mess up your teeth and is it worth it. Please discuss this I know other dudes are also wondering, I’m asking you because you have exactly the jaw im looking for. Thanks, brother ????

  2. Vibhu Nigam

    Hey Alex I found your vidios very helpful. Can you please make a vidio to get rid of dark spots and oily skin

  3. TomDezil

    Do you think in english or portugese ? 'Cause you're Brezilian and you live in LA 😉

  4. Connor Efron

    Hi alex, thanks for your help from your videos will you be doing a video on how to pick the right hair products for you and how to pick a hair colour that suits you

  5. Autisten

    Hey Alex, I'm at a state in my life where my hair/head naturally produces a lot of the natural oils. I've seen a video a long time ago where you mentioned not to wash your hair everyday with shampoo. I was my hair everyday with shampoo, simply because I feel like after a long day, my hair is already greasy and annoying because of these oils. I couldn't imagine not washing my hair everyday. Would this still damage my hair? Also, my hair is not as dense as yours, if you understand what I mean. I feel like I need to use so much product, to be able to set it the way I like, but it doesn't hold that long. I use one of the strongest waxes out there, the ID Extreme Titanium, to get the best hold. I'm thinking of trying something new, so I'm letting my hair grow, always go for that undercut tho. Do you have any tips for an 18 y/o dude?

  6. Kneigeele Jerodias

    Alex…i have a question what can you do to fix i you start to have white hair at teenage years?


    Alex are there any aftereffects of straightening hair /rebonding… And can you tell how to take care of it


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