KPop Hair Styles for Men

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Исчерпывающее описание видео: On this episode we visit 탁이 형 to get our hair done for KCON LA! Purchase your We Fancy Merchandise: Gear We Use: …

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  1. Kylie Xiong

    Omg in Korea getting your hair done is it more cheaper?? Or expensive? I know that in America it's really expensive to just a single hair dye

  2. GiángMy Nguyễn

    nice color, but after 4 5 times you dye your hair, it's so damaged your hair. I'm a girl but i've never dyed too much

  3. Megan K

    I loveeeee the angles and background music in this video. And you guys look amazing even though this is a while back. I decided to rewatch all your vids now that I have a YouTube account lol

  4. Staresa Bivines

    As an a ex-hairdresser, Haeppy should of had his head shaved it was super damaged. I was looking at the breakage on the finished review.

  5. Jv Nilo

    when you bleach your hair and want to color it again with black will there be a problem?

  6. BLΛƆKis_the_newPIИK

    lmao imagine how long this all takes, especially if youre a real kpop idol, 5 hours daily lol

  7. Lala B

    why did they have to curl bapmokja's hair? it all went straight after all that coloring

  8. Scarlet Mason

    I dont think u two should be styling and dying ur hair so much, both your hairlines are recedinggggggg

  9. Reach Phisa

    Haeppy bro ???????????? i like your eyes so bad. Dun think about getting double eyelid surgery anyway ???????? you are just so hot this way.

  10. Kaelan Hilliard

    What volume did he use to bleach y'alls hair? It seemed that even though he bleached it so many times there was still lots of yellow tones present, i bleached my hair over the summer with a 40 vol (my mom did it for me…..because of certain reasons????) and just that alone damaged my hair SOOO much (not smart to use such a strong volume but my hair was dark and thick) now I'm in the process of getting it back healthy and trying to dye it back black….I can't put anymore permanent dyes on my hair since I've been through 2 semi dyes and 2 permanent dyes???? I have to receive Aphogee and Olaplex treatments to strengthen my hair and get my curls back ???????? she can only tone my hair now so no more permanent dyes ???? but when I get my hair back healthy (and get a job????????) I would like to do it again but this time with professional help????(also if my school would allow unnatural hair colors????)


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