Top 3 MUST HAVE Pants for Men | Store Style Essentials | EPISODE 2

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Подробное описание видео: BluMaan Hair Products | — It’s Store Style Essentials Episode 2, Top 3 MUST HAVE Pants — Watch Episode 1 Here …

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  1. Vibin Vijayakumar

    As a heavy guy i never wear slim fit pants and as he said i usually wear baggy pants but this vedio motivated me so im goin to try a slim pant

  2. Huzaifa Rasheed

    Hey Joe,I Have Some White Hair May Some 15-18 On The top Of My Hair ,5-12 are near the left ear and the remaining In The Middle of the top of head If that makes sense.These Just Got White last year and still WhiteWhat should i do?

  3. sabri tiger

    good job blumaan i really like the episode … as-well i like limited Manchester store most of time i go there to buy my clothes

  4. saile ihgrahs

    For me the trend of skinny and distressed jeanes is over. The 80s 90s inspired urban street styles are top notch for me at the moment.

  5. Official ByAze

    Idk why but I find this style kinda cringe. Looks like a whole forever 21 outfit. Not original. Typical skinny jeans with a curved hem shirt. Explore different styles, different silhouettes, different fitting trousers or shirts. Check out Sangiev, or Magnus, or brands like Dior, Balenciaga, or if you like something simple but timeless with a bit of rocker, Saint Laurent… Just my opinion though. I would love to see you switch it up and explore things out of your comfort zone.

  6. Like A Sambu D

    U give off the vibe that you are really self conscious and try to project confidence while having low self esteem. Good looking people fall victim to this a lot which is surprising.

  7. Blake Prayon

    Not trying to be rude, but I’m new to this channel and all hair styling channels and I just think the “volume” aspect these people put on their hair is just so goofy looking. Can someone please explain the reason for it?

  8. Drastic Gamers TV

    the first jeans with the red stripes looks awful ….but i love when joe does clothing series

  9. Вячеслав Котельников

    I'd call the last pair non-denim jeans, rather than chinos. True chinos have vertical pockets, and inner sewed back pockets

  10. RasmusHenriksson

    I love this series! Can't wait til next week's episode! 🙂 (I have been a subscriber since your hair tips videos! Really like your content!)

  11. Tuan Dung Lai

    Finally one video about style that doesn't contain ads. Maybe it's because fashion is the new topic of this channel

  12. Valle R.

    Im my opinion, the chinos are the only pair which looks good on you 🙂 The super skinny jeans, almost looking like leggings are too slim. Your big feet and whith that big shoes dont go well with that, but its just my opinion, everyone should wear what they want

  13. FrazzerM

    joe's looks are cool. is it just me that is bothere than his pants are too tight for him?

  14. Adhi Raj

    There aren't any mention about pinroll. Don't we have to do it on any of the pants?

  15. Rama Aji Faudi

    Dapatkah setiap video anda ada terjemahan bahasa indonesia? Saya suka video anda, salam saya dari indonesia.


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