Смотрите прямо сейчас онлайн: HOW TO FIX DRY, DULL HAIR | Men’s Hair Tips

Полное описание видеоролика: Topic of discussion: Have you ever had any issues with dry hair? One of the most important parts of your style is YOUR HAIR. When your hair looks ON POINT, …

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Alex Costa

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  1. Alex Costa

    Don't forget to follow me on me know if you have any more questions about dry hair!Thank you for watching and have a GREAT Sunday!-AC

  2. V13G

    Lmao when I use shampoo the dry effect remains for like 4 daya and i hate it

  3. tito

    guys, NEVER air dry your long hair, dont do it. your hair has cuticles and when your hair gets wet those cuticles open up and you wanna moisturize and then blow dry that hair AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, use something fot heat protection. otherwise your hair is gonna be a frizzy damaged MESS bc those cuticles split tf up.

  4. Dhevesh Govinathan

    so should I use conditioner every other day unlike the shampoos

  5. Sk Maajulhasan

    Alex please make video on hairloss I'm only 20 and facing Hair loss problem

  6. Mohamed Al-Maghawry

    how do i style my hair like yours ? can you make a video about it ? if you make this video please take into consideration that most of us will do it on our own and no one will help, thanks anyway

  7. First Khel

    I have no hair ,but still I am watching this lol XDBut I love alex's video…nice man; )

  8. Joshua Bhatti

    As a guy with thick wavy hair. Leave in Conditioners, protein treatments, and oil massages help battle dry hair

  9. dony varghese

    Rather than promoting high end products @alexcosta can you give us some natural tips of hair maintenance methods.

  10. cric tube

    I am from tamilnadu but i like ur videos ,keep rocking ????????

  11. Mr Rayan

    Alex,Im 15 from Albania and I wanna buy Forte products pleasr help me????

  12. Eren Yeagar

    easy step to fix dry hair if you dont want dry hair use forte series its very simple

  13. MR A

    Hello bro I'm a teenager and i lose my hair when I go to bath and i i use hair comb each an everyday i lose my hair so much and i can't got to doctor because of pandamic. I justuse just shampoo and conditioner and sometimes i use hair hair mask Plzz make video on this topic like hair lose of teens

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