How to Fix a Controversial Hairstyle

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  1. Vagelis82

    The change is awesome and the haircut is really cool and unique. Please don't let it grow out again like these again. Awesome job Beardbrand <3

  2. Brayan Morgan

    From the moment when this new barber Joe has shown middle finger straight to the camera and laughed (in Youtube shorts) i've unsubscribed from my previously loved bearbrand channel. This disrespect to me as a viewer doesn't correspond with a warm touching beardbrand atmosphere where long time ago Eric raised a channel with words of building respectful lovely community, growing over themselves with beards. This style and the way of thinking literally disconnects with new barber and his initial rude behaviour to all the old beardsmen subscribed only because of Eric and his philosophy of creating positive content. And you Eric, you Greg Berzinsky, other beardsmean, viewers are just ignoring the fact that when the new barber Joe was introduced on Youtube shorts he've shown us the f*ck, laughed and after that you guys give him a warm charming hug like he's done all right and that's how the barbers should behave on this channel. I don't see it as a joke or a normal thing, I'm ruined by the fact how inpolitely Joe the barbarian, not the barber for me, avalanched all image on which Eric worked for years. I'm not a magic pony, some rustic words may have a place on Beardbrand, still not in the way when they are aimed on viewers as me, when i'm the target. Ubelievable, how a single one goofy can demolish or corrupt reputation, built for years.

  3. Dalton Farmer

    Ya, i got my mullet ready before covid struck and seriously couldnt find a good enough barber to get what i wanted. Woulda really loved for top dollar barbers like yall to have been there for me????

  4. Colby Collins

    Great cut, was a better look for him for sure. Can I add a little criticism to that though. I believe when he was consulting he implied that he wanted to keep the mullet, just wanted to go shorter. The Mohawk looked better anyways but that’s what I picked up.

  5. William Alicea

    Is there any beard brand barber shops y’all recommend in Houston, Texas??!!! Deeply appreciated I need a new barber.

  6. Chino

    Hey Eric from Stranger Things to kiefer sutherland in The Lost Boys ???????? haha

  7. Mr.Mister

    I think the "couldn't find a good barber" is a lot of guy's stories. That is why I always say if you can find a barber that cuts your hair in a way that you feel happy walking out of the shop then you never leave that barber. I personally never walk out of a barbers happy with what I get and I keep trying different barbers in the hopes I can get something I am happy with but no success yet.

  8. Lisa ATL Maisel

    Jesse has really dreamy eyes, and Eric he hooked you up on that cut..KUDOS!!!

  9. Grace Geek

    Looks way better Eric. I am constantly in awe of that stache! And, I have to give you big respect….a couple years ago when you started the whole "mullet" thing, some of us old schoolers gave you crap about what a "real" mullet was back in the day. Well, you did it. Before this cut you gave us the old school mullet.

  10. Baki Hanma

    What???? Last timeI saw Eric his hair was different Now it looks funny but still good.And after the cut it looks hilarious kinda ????

  11. An sionnach dearg

    Ive had many looks and styles in my life, but the brushed back mullet/hawk/ V taper is my favourite.. And its my current style.. My hair is receding, and i feel its a look, keeps weight off the weak areas so they don't look thin, and premotes the stronger area

  12. Bree T

    I was confused by the consultation. not sure if that footage was left out, but I didn't gather that you wanted a big chop with the back? Cut looks great tho!

  13. Red Patrick Desepida

    It's the 90s Kid n Play time with a mullet. Very generic flat top on a white guy..

  14. Andrew Berube

    I would have just shaved the Confederate flag on the back of his head

  15. Jai jai

    Very bad, barber will never realize how much pain and time and care it takes to grow such long hair they take two mints to chop them off and one done cannot go back

  16. Adam Destro

    Dope haircut. Compliments to the barber. ????????????????????????????????

  17. Luke Knox

    really cool cut. i would adjust the bulk on your mustache if it were me but you do you.

  18. GM Music

    I haved this hair style 7 years ago….why this title? Controversial lol

  19. Jamal Al Bahjat

    Cut his fucken mulet you look much better without it man…

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