Easy Updo Hairstyle! Perfect for Short, Medium and Long Hair

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Исчерпывающее описание видео: Hey guys! I posted this on my Instagram and you guys wanted a tutorial, so here it is! I’m in LOVE with this easy updo hairstyle. This simple updo tutorial is …

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  1. Maria Rose

    Prom is tomorrow, and this video just saved my life!! Thank you!!

  2. YermSeul_21

    this looks so easy but if I do it myself I’m gonna look like someone who just ran a marathon cuz my hair is thick af, sometimes I wish I have a thin hair ????

  3. April Clingan

    I don't know why… but I'm really craving some pancakes now ????

  4. shannilovely

    Brilliant! I’ve never heard someone call it ‘pancaking’ ????

  5. So Sallyo

    Gorgeous! I’m going to try this for a wedding this summer! Ps which ring light do you use? x

  6. Nancy Matias

    Veryyy…beautiful!!!!!!!…soo. Cute!!????from.Argentina.. ????????

  7. tashabasha3

    she clearly has the princess gene. I'd do this and look ready for the grocery store…she's ready for the ball LOL. *straightens hair instead *

  8. Lauren Whitehead

    I’m subscribing because you said Bobby pin the hell out of it!!! ????????????????????????????????????????

  9. Noel Johnson

    Thank you girl! I love it sooo much!! Everything you do is gorgeous!????

  10. Emily Rosenzweig

    So pretty!! I don't have as much hair as you — any thoughts on where to add extensions to make the most impact / that would work with this style?

  11. Jennifer Shepherd

    Its cute and not that hard to do. I know how I'll be fixing my hair in the morning for work. I love all your videos! Your beautiful!

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