2-Minute Elegant BUN Hairstyle ★ EASY Updo Hairstyles

Посмотрите прямо сейчас в режиме онлайн: 2-Minute Elegant BUN Hairstyle ★ EASY Updo Hairstyles

Полное описание видеоролика: Hair tutorial: how to do a quick& easy bun hairstyle for everyday for long or medium hair. ✓Please Like, Share, Comment, and Subscribe! Seen the 2-minute …

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Полная продолжительность видеоролика: 2:14

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  1. thi pink princess .c

    I like this hairstyle I think it maches me and ill look cute in school 🙂

  2. Sara Shivhare

    it was not looking like that what she made but how ever it was looking it was good?????

  3. CrybabyInSweatertown

    Of course she speaks fast with an accent. I NEED A HAIRSTYLE SO EASY THAT A 2 YEAR OLD COULD DO IT!!! IT TOOK ME THREE YEARS TO MAKE A PERFECT PONYTAIL!!! I need something increadibly easy and no one gets that!

  4. Christy Deweese

    Thank you! I was super pressed for time for my daughters prom…this was a lifesaver!


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