But First, Tan ft. Hasan Minhaj | Patriot Act | Netflix

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Исчерпывающее описание видеоролика: Hasan Minhaj is about to start a weekly show, so naturally he turned to the most stylish man on Netflix, Queer Eye’s Tan France, for some much needed fashion …

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  1. Vanessa Ramirez

    I LIVE for this interaction!! Please put them in a show together!!! I would watch in a heartbeat!!

  2. Reshme Subramaniam

    look at all that South Asian representation, I've never felt so seen!!

  3. HilBG

    my white ass: literally could not hear the difference when they were talking about how to pronounce "Hasan"

  4. ShaunieBNaturalista

    The last line was the BEST: Where else are you going to find a Pakistani and an Indian together?? <HUGS> Classic!! I thought they were, like, cousins. We really do need to learn to just get along.

  5. akmediascope

    Hassan kills it with his shoes and I love his blue pullover that graduates to whit in color— Love his look on Patriot Act!

  6. inaara ali

    Anyone else half Indian and half Pakistani? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  7. nlbhaduri

    Hasan is soooo funny but I really thought Tan wasn't going to find something he was happy in…my God the show was almost over before Hasan actually liked an outfit. Bruh!!

  8. Salma Hernández

    i could feel that amazing chemistry through the screen since the beginning

  9. Natasha Zeligs

    No to that burnt orange suit. Nix it! He's so handsome. Basically anything looks good. The crop top hoodie was a fail though. This is hilarious.

  10. MerrySchmetterling

    Hasan looked hot af and then Tan but the glasses on him and I was like. Holy shit, I'm down, let's go. But also every second of this is utter perfection. I just love their interactions.

  11. Brittany Stewart

    Hasan Minhaj in glasses awakened something in me that I didn’t know existed ????

  12. Mohd Ayan

    Hasan you still haven't wore that bomber yet smh????????????…

  13. Elizabeth Esposito

    You bet your ass I laughed my white ass off at their cultural inside jokes that I didn't understand but felt obligated to laugh at because they were so happy and it made me want to be happy and also Hasan is high-key hot in this essay I will-

  14. Alek

    Also!!! They're so funny!!! The chemistry is amazing!!!!I can't believe I haven't heard of Hasan before? He's hilarious!

  15. Alek

    I'm sad to see ppl simplify their names for white people But It's also a language thing? I'm quite white but my name would be kind of impossible to pronounce for the native-english-speaking Americans. I'm just surprised because their names are not difficult at all!

  16. Lauren Kaskey

    Hasan for the whole video"Yeah but what if I wear this and I end up lookin like an Indian _____?!"

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