6 Natural Hairstyles On Short/Medium Hair (4b/4c)

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Исчерпывающее описание видео: Subscribe.Subscribe.Subcribe** Im Back Guyssss! **I honestly don’t know my hair texture** If you guys like this video don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and also …

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MeMe Amor

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  1. FoxyFeline

    Style 2, you made flat twisting look so easy! I can't do it, but I'm gonna keep trying till I master it!

  2. Mariah Walker

    Girl my mom did good hairstyle that I want and cute thin and tick baids Africastyle

  3. Oyinloluwa Fasehun

    Nice video. Could hardly hear you unless I increase the volume alot, however when its the background music playing, it becomes sooo loud.

  4. Angel Rickel

    cool i am going to do my hair like this my so thick i wear a drawstring ponytail i hate wearing it i am going my hair like that thanx for showing this hair video i need this video your hair is so pretty and thick

  5. Arafa Guruza

    Omg I try to do flat twists everyday of my life but the braid barely shows and it looks 3 months old! Have any tips for me to helping my hair look new.


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