Slick Back Hairstyle With Texture | Men Hair Tutorial

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Подробное описание видео: Hey Guys! Are you ready for Valentines Day? We hope you like it! Watch the episode and tell us what do you think! The best comment will get a surprise!

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Slikhaar TV — Mens hair

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  1. Sebastian Fasiang

    the haircut is fantastic but honestly he looked better in his old style, the new one contrasts way too much with his not so amazing features

  2. pbure1

    Hey villain bros, I wish you guys health, happiness and more success. I've never been bored watching any of your videos. I'm sure I can speak for all the subscribers when I say I hope you one day can open a barber shop in every country of your subscribers, this way we dont have to spend thousands on a haircut to fly to your country lol

  3. Gregor R.

    Can you tell the type of the trim Machine, you cut the 0 mm with? @2:25 . Perfect Cut, good Video!

  4. Slikhaar TV - Mens hair

    Okay Guys! THERE'S ONE GIVEAWAY ON! ????If you want more chances TO WIN another product LET'S GET 2.000 LIKES ???????? ON THIS EPISODE! Have a great day!????????????

  5. Ronald Miller

    great haircut just not for him. He needs to grow his sides out or grow bangs, forehead is too large.

  6. Jav15 Millo

    Amazing haircut, but my style is the long hair, medium haricut is not mine :(My face is too much circular.Good video from argentina 😀

  7. Mojne tisra

    Cmon guys give me some likes I truly want some product from them I am spend my products hahaha amazing hairstyle guys as always

  8. J F

    Yeah that loss of pigment in hair could be cos there’s a mole there and the body’s immune system is trying to get rid of it and kills the pigment… many possibilities, but it’s nothing bad. Sick cut as always by the way guys ????????

  9. Varun Bansode

    Try to survive with this great haircut in INDIAN conditions. I think Villian Products can handle it♥️!!

  10. Kushal Acharya

    This valentine day im going to see my grandma in countryside because you need to cherish the loved ones before they are gone

  11. Pulse

    It's nice that we have explained haircut step by step. I'm going to ask for this to my hairdresser

  12. naomaan khan

    Amazing Transformation…Its a game changer video for all fine hair guys…Thanks…????????

  13. Dhruv Rajput

    She is my crush❤❤…… Hope I could have an appointment with her on valentines ????


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