Top Wearable Fashion Trends For 2018 | How to style

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Подробное описание видеоролика: Top Wearable Fashion Trends For 2018 | How to style A new year is the perfect time to give your closet a fresh start and that’s why I wanted to share some of the most wearable fashion trends…

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  1. jenny crystal

    why do these all look like last year's fashion in Korea? on a side note, scrunchies are back! why did I throw away all my scrunchies? T.T

  2. Ayenate' Lawson

    Absolutely no to the Logos, I'm a person not free advertising. Lol but I'm loving those pastels and long layers.

  3. Just Me

    Mullets, scrunchies, and big earrings!!! I feel like I'm back in High School!!! GO ZIZZERS!!!!!!

  4. Danielle Nicolle

    That ruffle detail is so cute. Love that trend right now. Great video and style!!

  5. beautoxxbeautoxx

    Gorgeous channel????and you're stunning! Are those Byredo bottles over your left shoulder???

  6. Mary Irene

    Really great, useful video. I love being able to watch and get smart advice from someone closer to my own age. Not a lot of random selfie-talk time …thank you infinitely for that! I really, really like the way you got straight into the video and took time to add in lots of relevant pics that demonstrated the trends. I rarely to never comment but this is just exceptional. Thanks for your work and attention to quality and detail. Please don't stop.

  7. Mary Ramos

    Oh my Gosh! Where you been all this time? Just found your channel snd immediately subscribe!❤

  8. Jewel justjewel

    GOD what happened to creativity!? its just the same thing over and over again?? has it always been this way or is it that I am just NOW old enough to notice-?

  9. Naj K

    I Love that pink crochet throw @ 3:46 !!! Where can i find it??? Or the pattern to make one??

  10. Bush Stephen maria

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  11. Rhythmic Elegance

    As someone with very long hair (nearly to top of thigh), I fully appreciate the “comeback” of scrunchies; they are much more gentle on the hair, particularly when growing it out! I think they look somewhat like flowers in the hair. Satin, silk, and chiffon ones are particularly pretty. I probably wouldn’t wear one to a black tie event for example, but just about any other time is great. Thank you for the Danish company recommendation!

  12. Cristina Antoniuc

    I loved watching this video! I just found your channel and had to subscribe, you're so gorgeous and I wish you all the best. Can't wait to see more from you ???? Also, I hope we can support each other!????

  13. Island Chick

    Leonie, where did you get the "HUCCI" T? I like it sooo much..hilarious. I wanna buy.

  14. Pradeep Soundalgekar

    The Top 10 Fashion Brands People Searched On Google In 2017.For More Details Visit :

  15. Angel Tortoriello Muscles In Balance LLC

    Would you recommend a pants that has ruffled detail, and if you do, who has them ????

  16. Nancy Ramirez

    Thank you so much I am about to clean my closet I'll keep your tips in mind????

  17. hayley s

    Not looking forward to the logo trend. This has come and gone a couple of times in my adult life, and nothing screams trying-too-hard like someone drenched in logos.


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