Michael Jackson & Britney Spears Duet — The Way You Make Me Feel (HD Remaster)

Смотрите прямо сейчас онлайн: Michael Jackson & Britney Spears Duet — The Way You Make Me Feel (HD Remaster)

Полное описание видео: The King of Pop met his match on stage with Britney Spears during their performance of «The Way You Make Me Feel» during Jackson’s «30th Anniversary …

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Дата постинга: 2017-10-06 18:00:05

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  1. Аександр Т

    Джексон не ебал детей как мне кажется.

  2. HondaMan Vtec

    MJThe way you make me feelThats what he told all the kids Wtf

  3. 稲風

    Recent Japanese elementary and junior high school students don’t know Michael Jackson(´;Д;`)I think this is a very serious problem in Japan……

  4. Jérémie

    Spears is such a disgrace compared to the King, she just can't sing, her voice is so ridiculous, she has no charisma, no presence on stage, nothing. They should have chosen another real singer for MJ.

  5. Rachel Hills

    Aaaah raw talent of the one and only Michael Jackson RIP ???? ???? ???? ????

  6. laetitia banzola

    2 légendeS ❤️ Le King of Pop ✌️ Michael Jackson ???? & la Princesse of Pop Britney Spears ????????

  7. lord festus

    Britney spears can't sing all hyper no telant no voice and you call her an icon

  8. K J

    Wooow you never really notice how powerful his voice is but it’s so obvious here. He’s perfect ????❤️

  9. Big shaq da ting goes

    Anybody remember the old “I dont molest little kids now baby wooooohh” lol.

  10. Apples .Pears

    Maybe she shouldn’t have sung. Just let Michael do that bit sweetheart.

  11. Angel Andre Mansilla Gutierrez

    no entender este es el 30 aniversario o que expliquemenlo

  12. Agge D'Dog

    Jacko used her. He never liked that cum dump. She was just popular at the time. The pedo kiddie ass rape prick

  13. Agge D'Dog

    Isn’t Britney too old. And the wrong sex for this predator cunt. At least once he’s in stage we can see what he’s doing. No kids in danger here guys

  14. Gregoryruger

    Love this Michael Jackson has always been an inspiration to me I just did a little skit of him dancing in the shadow , of you have a chance check out my YouTube page keep up the great work thanks Greg

  15. leon kennedy

    Britney is the master of lip syncing. Like that is a talent in itself

  16. MrBaltimoreRon

    Wow and only 4 more days after this performance, the Free Masons would destroy the Twin Towers with explosives. Not one single plane was used that day or attacked the United States of America.

  17. The Unambiguous

    Britney can’t sing for shit, but Christ she was sexy in her prime

  18. Ryan Knudsen

    It's so amazing how much lip syncing they could get away with back then. Like this is soooooo blatant. But nobody cared apparently. Now days it's a huge problem if stars are busted lip syncing lol. Hell, it ruined Ashley Simpson's career, small as it may be. And that wasnt too long after this. Jackson lip synced pretty much all the time live. Had to. No human could dance that much and still sing perfectly. It's impossible. That's why when beyonce does a dance routine and sings live you can hear her being a little winded. It's amazing that she pulls it off as well as she does. But she cant sing to her full potential and do complex choreography.

  19. Claudia McMullen

    U melester u rite now Charles Manson snoop Dogg is flying here today is Thursday after work about 4 eyes Cody Simpson and Jim Hickman

  20. Andreacelesre Contreras

    Con Mike fué algo sano con Madonna algo sucio ????

  21. Andreacelesre Contreras

    Mágico ..magestuoso Rey y princesa .eternos .. bellos.????????????????????????

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