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  1. I'll boop ur nose

    Who in the world would take the time to do a "messy" bun like this? Be original ladies, just take the 2 seconds and make a real messy bun, jeez.

  2. Page H

    Messy bun? No, sorry this doesn't qualify. Messy bun is done quickly and it's messy, who has time for all of this?

  3. Marie Sanchez

    Quick easy and beautiful thank you so much for posting this I had a ball I had to go to and I did not have time to get my hair done I did this and it came out beautiful and it was fast.

  4. The Ballad Of The Queen

    Curly hair? I would think that I don’t need to style my hair in each of the section the way you did because curly hair is naturally thicker. I’ll try this do without the styling of each section

  5. Rae Morg

    Girl with thick, straw-like hair: *tries to twist the first ponytail and hair pops back into place immediately *…”Well…already knew that would happen…”

  6. Shanika Stephenson Vlogs

    When your hair is naturally like this but you still watch the tutorial anyways

  7. Iris

    my definition of a messy bun:1. tie my hair is a scrunchie2. wrap it along the scrunchie3. put a loser scrunchie over and i'm done

  8. Muskan memon

    Everyone is saying that its not messy however it comes in messy hairstyles when it will be worn on real hair !

  9. yokotoyama

    Doing this bun on someone else: wedding appropriate. Doing this on yourself: probably a mess.

  10. Professional Subscriber

    Literally my head would be pounding if my hair was like this all day lol

  11. Judith Mitchell

    The first section of hair you separate is literally how much hair I have in one whole ponytail.. Needless to say, but this def won't work for me.

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