Fifty Shades Darker — Official Trailer 1 (Universal Pictures) HD

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Дата публикации: 2016-09-13 15:00:02

Полная продолжительность видеоролика: 2:11

Universal Pictures UK

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Плохо!Так себе!Нормально!Отлично!Шедеврально! (Оценки еще нет)


  1. Kristen C.17

    this movie got bad reviews idk why. I loved it a lot. in the first movie I wanted him to show more affection, and that is exactly what this one is about. it doesn't deserve the 4/10 it received. I hope they make a third. :^)

  2. Araceli Dunlap

    ☆☆ Fifty Shades Darker (2017) ????-????? [??] ☆☆????? ???' ➤ ✓ ✔

  3. Clark

    just watched this movie because im bored and kinda stuck here in middle east….. ………………………………. .and yeah nothing special just had a boner

  4. Krimson

    ''And then I caught him watching porn!""Ew! That's so disgusting!""So the new 50 Shades movie is coming out.""I KNOW! I'm so excited."

  5. EllieK 123

    Is it bad that I'm 12 but love this movie so much??? not for the sex, for the drama and tthe story……..

  6. Asiya Bachchan

    I want this version of crazy in love. anyone knows where to download it from?

  7. Glynda Kurtz

    This is the great film and we can't wait ever again. Here you are, enjoy online and completely free

  8. Hey Cristiyan

    Omg you guys who ever is seeing this comment you gonna fall in love with this movie because the back story of the both movies is amazing

  9. Steve Denton

    The trailer is far better than the film. Don't waste your money! I got a refund. First time — it was that shite!

  10. Ded Sec

    all i understand is that this movie is all about «`fuckin« hard and slaping each other, i see no romance and no porn, so what is it? (BULLSHIT) 🙂


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