An Overview On Growing Cucumbers for New Gardeners: Feeding & Watering Frequency, Containers & More!

Смотрите прямо сейчас в режиме онлайн: An Overview On Growing Cucumbers for New Gardeners: Feeding & Watering Frequency, Containers & More!

Подробное описание видеоролика: I cover basic planting, fertilizing, watering, mulching, containers, bush cucumbers, leaf removal, succession planting, back-up plants and more. This is a …

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Gary Pilarchik (The Rusted Garden)

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  1. Gary Pilarchik (The Rusted Garden)

    My New Book: The Modern Homestead Garden: Growing Self-Sufficiency in Any Size Backyard.You can find it at these different locations… Thanks 4 the Support!Amazon: & Noble: A Million:

  2. Charlie Williams

    What is the best for your cukes put in fridge or leave out until you get enough to pickle how long can you keep them before you pickle them.

  3. Nelson Pagel

    Thanks for sharing your cucumber growing tips, you condensed a lot of growing tips in the video!

  4. Victoria Sann

    So what do Gardeners with amount rain already have, will been getting from Elsa zone Area 6b?My neighbors barely have fruit from different plants, yes using Fish Fertilizer.

  5. Shirley K

    I have the absolute worst time growing cucumbers! I have root knot nematodes in my soil. I'm trying different methods by not using my soil, and using Kellogg's raised bed soil in containers. That works until the vine borer visits at the very top of the vine. I refuse to give up by starting new plants. I got my seeds from your seed shop. They start off ok until….I would love to have one plant survive like yours. Thanks for sharing these tips. ????????????????????

  6. Donna Watson

    My cucumbers are beginning to grow! Thank you for all the information you provide.

  7. OldPhart OutIn TheDesert

    Second year of gardening in the mojave desert, Zone 8b. Failed last year but learned a lot. Watering every other day. First crop of corn is six feet high. Second crop, planted the end of May, is knee high (knee high by the 4th of July). Cukes and maters are prodigious. Have already pulled over a dozen cukes. Tomatoes are all over the place getting bigger. Okra is popping. Zukes and Yeller Squash are monstrous. Started planting in February, have already cleared out the Lincoln peas and replanted pole beans.Didn't have a lot of money, so went around the area picking up captain beds, bookcases, and cabinets off the side of the road as planters. Local rancher provided free manure and loaded it into the pickup. 15 loads and everything's filled with a reserve pile. At this point it looks like shit but its working.

  8. Stefani Stevens

    Thank you!!! I was hoping not to have to pollinate with male flower.Yellow leaves. Fungus gnats, ????. Raised wood bed, 4×5….

  9. Jesus Fernandez

    Hi Gary, can we plant cucumber and beans together for the same trellis? thanks your garden looks great ????

  10. Koshka

    I have two bush cucumbers in a five gallon container. They probably aren’t very happy. I harvested four cucumbers since June 15. But I put some garden tone last week and suddenly there are massive female cucumber flowers. I’m on a balcony with no pollinators. A lot of them fail even though I try to hand pollinate all the female fIowers I find.

  11. Low Vision Life

    I will look for the cuke pruning video 🙂 You mentioned staggering your plantings, took me a few years to learn to stagger by size rather than time, at least in my currently challenging garden setup. I'd transplant new cukes or squash every two weeks early in the season, and they'd all start taking off at the same time anyways, leaving me awash in squash or other fruity goodness all at once.

  12. Sheryl

    Have cukes growing already but can I start seed now just in case something happens? Zone 4b

  13. prisha pandey

    Too informative! Thank you so much.. you always respond quickly.. lots of love n respect sir!

  14. Cee Cee - The Garden Junkie.

    This is an excellent video. Coincidently, I just watched one of your vids from 2012 on hand pollinating cucumbers. Both have great information. But may I say — MAN, you have really developed your style over the years (don't be offended please). Thank you!

  15. Kathy Shinn

    I ordered some seed packets from The Rusted Garden om June 24. Today, they arrived. It is June 30. BEST SERVICE EVER!! Thank You so much.

  16. Aibrean Corvid Shular

    I have two bamboo and ziptie trellises for my Marketmore cucs! There are 6 plants to each trellis and given this extreme heat, 102°F -118°F, I am watering twice daily. I have never had plants that would thrive if only watered once a week. My plants are mostly directly planted. All of my cucs are. They look amazing! I am fertilizing with 20/20/20, in tiny amounts top dressed, once every 2 weeks. Is that, maybe, too much for them?

  17. chong oh

    Garry ! I love your garden .cucumber plants are lot better when you grow Just ane plan. JUST LIKE TOMATOES PLAN .prun all the sucker .Make more production .

  18. Wendy's Garden

    We had 4 weeks with zero rain, then one week with 7.5 inches. It averages out fine, but, lol, I would prefer it be steadier! Now all my fruits (vegetables that fruit) are swelling like crazy.

  19. Raheem Mcdermott

    This is my first year growing cucumbers. I've already picked a couple that grew pretty large. There's quite a few growing now. Super excited.

  20. Sharon Tahir

    I am trying Diva cucumbers for the first time. It's a variety that grows all female flowers and is not supposed to need pollination. While it has flowers with small cukes, nothing that develops beyond the initial small fruit. It also looks like it should have more flowers. The vines are now about four feet long and trellised. What am I doing wrong? These are supposed to be very productive plants.

  21. David Andrews


  22. Neyvis Cot

    Hello Gary , I have nematodes in one rise bed, what most I do?. Thank you for your help

  23. Objektiv One

    Do you use the amazing nutrient-rich gold water for irrigation? (1 part urine + 10 parts water)

  24. prisha pandey

    I have mulched my cucumber with dried leaves n now in ny area rainy season has started .. do i have to remove these mulch? If not , wont i have fungus issue? Pls suggest..

  25. 4잎클로버 Lucky

    Thanks for sharing dear friend ???????? Have a wonderful day. God bless you ????????????????

  26. Annette Johnson

    Im growing 6 English cucumber plants and they're all about 6" long and so yummy already harvested 40 of them

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