7 Quick And Easy Hairstyles For School

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Полное описание видео: Visit http://princesshairstyles.com for 100’s of hairstyle ideas. This week we are showing 7 quick and easy heatless hairstyles! Since my daughter is now a teen in …

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Princess Hairstyles

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  1. Jessica Rosendo

    I subscribe to your channel and put the notifications on cause I like your videos??thumbs up

  2. Bleu Sexton

    Um did I bring myself to 7 "hard" hairstyles because these ain't very easy this is a waste of time

  3. Kitty Kat

    I'm not sure but I might miss the school bus to do these hair styles or I might miss school

  4. YourGal Sophia

    Im not going to a party im going to school.. and how are theese quick and easy

  5. Dune Ruiz

    I can't do this before school cause duh I take a bath and my hair is wet and my sister steals the blow dryer and my mom says it damages my hair so I have to wait till it dries in school to do my hair

  6. Keshav J Pandit

    o really…these r meant for school??m gonna kicked out of my school if i make them…..anyhow the hairstyles r gud??

  7. Ritika Pramanick

    All of them are amazing.. Bur r difficult for me to do…. And the girl or model has amazing hair… I don't have such hair….soo it wouldn't look that nice on me.. ??


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