7 Easy Running Late Hairstyles Every Girl Needs to Know

Смотрите прямо сейчас в режиме онлайн: 7 Easy Running Late Hairstyles Every Girl Needs to Know

Полное описание видеоролика: More info on Fancy Hair extensions here: http://goo.gl/FEuRMf MY HACK CHANNEL: http://www.youtube.com/nikisky Instagram: @nikiskyyy SnapChat: …

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Fancy Hair

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  1. jessica lowery

    you make as many videos wearing extensions as you want. I purchased mine so that i could wear all the different styles, and appreciate seeing how to put them in for different styles! you go girl!

  2. Josephine H.

    You look like a younger version of the singer Cher but prettier. Your hair color is beautiful and you look amazing without anymakeup — a real natural— you are blessed.

  3. Maddie B

    i love this vid!!! btw ur hair looks rly cute in pigtails you should wear it like that more often!!♥️

  4. Antonia Crowhurst

    your hair looks amazing!!! just found your channel tonight and i started out on your older videos. i cant believe how thick your hair got! i would love to know how you did it!! help a girl out!!

  5. Far Z

    Hi I'm new to the channel. I first saw your video from 2015. You've changed so much! Love the more natural toned makeup & hair look! So pretty! Thank you for teaching the rope braid. I've always loved this look, but never knew how to do it! Thanks 🙂


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