Смотрите прямо сейчас в режиме онлайн: 10 EASY HAIRSTYLES FOR (REALLY) SHORT HAIR | SAROCHA B

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  1. Me, a rat. BTS, the Pied Piper

    My hair was butt-lenght last week, i angrily chopped it off to my collar bones and now I'm here lmaoo

  2. pupcat drawing

    I got a long hair and i really wants to cut it short but my mom wouldn't let me

  3. Anime Wolf Girl 101

    My friend has a hairstyle where she has half of her hair in a small side ponytail and the rest of her hair is down. It sounds weird, but it's actually SUPER cute

  4. Snippy Snap

    hay gurl I just git a haircut and its like as short as yours so thats a wowza

  5. Itz DinoTyme

    i always do the first one i'll stick with that one because i don't know how to this things iwbsiakks

  6. kat white

    My hair is so damaged it wont grow and it's so short. Someone please tell me how I can get it to grow

  7. baby taehyung gacha life expert UwU

    When you hair is shorter than her's but want to style it. ;____;

  8. LoveyDaUnicorn

    Your hair is almost the same length as mine and when I got my hair cut I asked the lady for shoulder length but like SHE DID LIKE ALMOST MY NECK LENGTH like ughh

  9. Abby Kalinowski

    Finally! A youtuber that has the same length in short hair as me! ????????????‍♀️ ♡☆

  10. Saleena Son

    Just got my hair cut to collar bone length yesterday and I couldn't be happier. In my opinion it shows off my body and my face more lol

  11. moose marmalade

    Im one of those weirdos who has never had my hair past me neck… in my LIFE

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