The Voice 2017 — Inspired By: Gwen’s Slicked-Back Style (Digital Exclusive)

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Исчерпывающее описание видео: Love Gwen’s slicked-back hairstyle? Learn how to recreate it yourself in this easy-to-follow hair tutorial. » Get The Voice Official App: » Subscribe for…

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The Voice

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Плохо!Так себе!Нормально!Отлично!Шедеврально! (Оценки еще нет)


  1. Jonathan Simms Vlog

    hey guys you are so cool and you guys inspire me so so much.there are so many different things that you guys to for these people. So ????GOOD JOB ALL OF YOU

  2. Dwayne Cantrell

    the voice sucks , because they say they are live , voting is open , then on the bottom of the screen it comes up , previously recorded voting is closed .

  3. christina christinapratt

    Not a big fan of the style on her nor anyone else and not a big fan of all the make-up she wears plus the crazy clothes she wears.

  4. Maro Roro

    The Voice is one of them …..Chris 80%…..Lauren 85%……Vanessa,Lili,Hannah 80% …Mark,Johnwest,Aliyah,JC,Hanter 75%

  5. Anna Grace

    Y'all need to change the thumbnail on this video to match the title/look. This is fine, but the look on the thumbnail is WAY more my style.

  6. You and Me

    Easy. The only thing I don't like is that your hair doesn't feel soft and silky with all that product.

  7. Christian Dianne Oro

    i just clicked when I saw gwen, though i dunno how relevant it is with the voice

  8. Autumn L.

    Love Gwen. Fashion icon can do no wrong regarding style and hair. Unique and beautiful!!


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