Successful Shop Series: Free Haircuts???

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Полное описание видео: I want to break these last few months down in a process by talking about each thing that has helped the shop grow into what I consider a «successful» shop and become «successful» as a barber….

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Дата постинга: 2018-04-27 03:11:08

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  1. Jason The barber

    I hear what your saying , I just got fired from my job because I couldn’t work on Saturdays because I was going to the mission and the old folks home as cutting hair for free .

  2. Chris De Anda

    I am just starting out and I’m doing exactly what you were talking about. I try to cut as many heads as possible. I don’t charge but some of my customers leave me tips. It’s helping me get the practice I need to become a better Barber. ✊????

  3. jasonalmeling

    This dude right here is by far the best barber I have ever come across! The service he provides is hands down above and beyond any you will find anywhere. The message he is spitting is REAL! I came know about Tyler after googling Beard oils in Knoxville. The customer service he showed me drew me to his chair and the attention to detail and professionalism he practices kept me coming back. This man right here sets the standard for excellence. He has my business for life! Keep up the great work!


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