Running Late Hairstyles

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Исчерпывающее описание видеоролика: These easy hairstyles are perfect for when you are running late. SHOP LUXY HAIR: All you will need to complete these …

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Luxy Hair

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  1. maggie may

    My running late is completely different ???? hair still the same from the night time, no makeup and clothes from the floor haha…. I need to get up earlier.

  2. Dayana Dayini

    Honstly even if i was early i only brush my hair and go straight to school without doing any hairstyles.

  3. Jason Victor

    thx so much i have been trying to make my hair short without cutting it but now u have just showed me how to do it and i love your videos

  4. Misaki Ayuzawa

    that's not running late tutorial. that hair is impossible for me to achieve if i just woke up. maybe you can. but my hair's like a bird's nest when i just get out of bed.

  5. Simran Swati

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  6. siri H

    why that intro though? the title of the video says it all, no need for all that. ????

  7. Tamzin Brown

    should be called "Running late hairstyles — IF YOU'VE ALREADY SPENT 40 MINUTES CURLING YOUR HAIR"…… -_-

  8. Rashmik Kaur

    step 1 — wake up at 3 , wash , condition , apply serum , blowout , curl hair into soft curls step 2 — pretend like u hv woke up late step 3 — do ur hair into these hairstyles


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