Polo Ralph Lauren's fashion collection of the spring summer 2021

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Подробное описание видеоролика: Polo Ralph Lauren’s fashion collection of the spring summer 2021.

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  2. mefreee2

    Absolutely the best and wearable collection I saw lately. Dior cruise 21 is also good, just fyi

  3. Jennifer Gilder-farooq

    Wish could purchase the whole collection. Fantastic

  4. Jennifer Gilder-farooq

    Love this collection but wish the women’s shirts blouses buttoned on the ladies side

  5. Ирина Нестеренко

    Вау, шикарно, я получила огромное удовольствие, спасибо!

  6. irina kikina

    ????????????????????????????классная подборка!!! ❤️????

  7. НАТАЛЬЯ Волокитенкова


  8. Maria Lúcia

    Please, what is the name of the song and who plays it? Thanks!

  9. Баян Абдуллаева


  10. Трушина Наталья

    Ральф Лорен, обожаю от макушки до кончиков пальцев. .

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