Lionel Messi Signature Cut | World Cup 2018 Hairstyle

Смотрите прямо сейчас онлайн: Lionel Messi Signature Cut | World Cup 2018 Hairstyle

Полное описание видеоролика: Guess who’s that hairstyle!? If you know it, write it in the comment section & win a SECRET PRIZE! VVV COMPETITION VVV Remember to Like + Subscribe + …

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Slikhaar TV — Men’s hair

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  1. haramba niranjan

    It looks like saul niguez's hairstyle man let it be the same…????????????

  2. ednse

    Sofie appeared disappearedAnd I also like haircut that done by cosban Love from India.

  3. Lim Bing Zhi

    Would have been interesting to see how he looks like with the beard completely shaved off but still, sick cut!

  4. Yash Shukla

    I am watching slikhaar tv since 2016 and i am really big fan of yours…Love you guys very much ❤

  5. Alan Barlow

    Great hair and look for the summer. I’m always interested to know how you decide a particular style will suit a guys face. Please consider telling us how you decide so that we can tell our barber or stylist about the style we want. Always great videos with plenty of content and products.

  6. Максим Чурюков

    I wanna get the Slikhaar gift box, because I’d like to try your products


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