★ LAZY HEATLESS CURLS Overnight Hairstyle #2 | Easy Waves | School Hair

Посмотрите прямо сейчас онлайн: ★ LAZY HEATLESS CURLS Overnight Hairstyle #2 | Easy Waves | School Hair

Полное описание видео: Hair tutorial: how to create a lazy easy heatless curls / waves overnight with a bun, for short, long or medium hair — method #3! ☆Check out this incredible oil …

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  1. Sweta Ghosh

    a wired question but have to ask it,, can u plz temme d name of the song in the background,,,, i jus lvd it……

  2. jessica lowery

    warning about the cats came too late- I have been using this stuff too for a while- my cats almost like my hair off! love your videos!

  3. Afia Fatma

    I get natural waves every tym I shampoo my hair!! but after 2-3 days my scalp becomes greasy nd oily leaving my length part.. nd hence I loose volume near my crown section. pls help?

  4. Practical Bree

    My hairs naturally curly but can you make a video on how to keep your hair straight for curly hair

  5. Behishta xoxo

    I wanna buy the ones that you are using but I can't find the exact one… I searched on the website aswell, there are other types but not this one… Can someone please help me!??

  6. Farah Karmand

    this is a great video but omg!! it did NOT work for me… it's definitely not for thick hair!!! ?

  7. Kinjalika Varma

    in india we have been using oil treatment since centuries ..and still use it along with various ayurvedic ingredients ..i use to use cosmetics shampoo and all but since i have started using ayurvedic oil and shampoo my hair doesnt have split ends they are silky and smooth ..they hav grown a lot…

  8. Lorraine Libatique

    Is St. Tripica Hot Oil Treatment available in the Philippines? I wanna try it out since my main problem is dry hair.


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